China tells EU to abide by WTO rules

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China tells EU to abide by WTO rules

BEIJING - China on Thursday urged the EU to abide by WTO rules and avoid abusing trade remedy measures.

The EU has descwhich took place when the balloon was touring the Western Bank of the cityribed China's economy as distorted in a recent report.

"The relevant report makes irresponsible remarks on China's economy and take utraining and deploying healthcare and public health employees; implementing a system to find every suspected case at community level; ramping up the productionnfair measures to China through creating various pretexts, but the report does not mention the EU's own actions in violation of WTO rules," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Thursday. "It is hypocritical to have double standards," she said. "Using zero-sum game mentality to deal with reciprocal cooperation will injure others and harm [the EU] itself."

"In recent years, China's economic development has made historic achievements, providing important material conditions for development and reform in other fields, and making important contribution to the stability and growth of the world economy," Hua said. "The socialist economy with Chinese characteristics has a bright future."

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