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On September 11, the spot price of PTA was subject to wear due to the use of the blade. This is not to say that it can not be tested. The solution: ensure the processing quality trial adjustment of the hydraulic components of the universal experimental machine, the MEG price trend continued to rise, the semi gloss polyester chip house was stable, the price trend of gloss polyester chip was adjusted, the price trend of CDP chip was temporarily stable, and the price trend of polyester bottle chip was consolidated. Acrylic staple 1.5D × 38mm, acrylic top 3D × The price of 102mm is adjusted, and the price trend of CPL and nylon 6 chips is stable

in the polyester market, the price showed an inertial upward trend, especially POY, with a range of yuan/T. For example, the rise of POY in Tongxiang and Taicang continued, with a range of yuan/T. On the market, some varieties of DTY and FDY increased slightly by 100 yuan. However, the polyester trading atmosphere dropped significantly today, and the trading volume shrank compared with a few days ago. Although the polyester product inventory of the chemical fiber spinning factory is small, and the PTA futures of the upstream raw materials are adjusted upward, the wait-and-see mood in the downstream is more or less revealed. Next, the wide shock of the polyester market will continue, and the spinning factory is dominated by the shipment. It is expected that it is more likely to maintain stable operation in the short term, but the polyester price may rise slightly

today, the prices of polyester staple fiber are rising, and the average market price is 10900 yuan/T. The price trend of viscose staple fiber is stable, and the average market price is 15400 yuan/T

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