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Dabao Pu transparent topcoat can solve the problem of "handprint" for you

Dabao Pu transparent topcoat can solve the problem of "handprint" for you

October 23, 2019

in our daily life, everyone should be familiar with hand sweat. For example, electronic product displays, glass doors and can be seen everywhere

there will also be the problem of hand sweat residue in furniture coating. On the 29th, the national billet market rose and fell. For example, in the process of workers' transfer, the workpiece painted with primer on the site will inadvertently leave fingerprints on the furniture workpiece, so that there will be a white fog after spraying the top paint. In this regard, Dabao furniture paint team analyzed the causes and components of hand sweat, discussed new raw materials with foreign top raw material suppliers, introduced formula test, innovation and upgrading, and successfully launched a "Pu transparent finish with anti hand sweat function"

Dabao anti hand perspiration Pu transparent finish features:

01 anti hand perspiration function

Dabao's unique anti hand perspiration technology uses the surface of the paint film to evacuate water-based grease (hand perspiration component), so that hand perspiration is not easy to adhere. In addition, the hand sweat attached unconsciously can also be integrated with the scientific and technological molecules in the coating, and then consumed and decomposed naturally. Professor Edward kosior, general manager of nextek plastic recycling consulting company and the project leading group, said that the impact of the effect has improved the coating yield and has been highly praised by furniture customers

02 the paint film is plump and feels fine

with functional resin and raw materials, introduce scientific taste purification formula, and adjust the surface tension coefficient of the coating to make it better flow expansibility and wettability with the coated substrate. The surface effect of dry film is quite rich and moist, but after the sense of experiment, it plays a very high decorative role in furniture

03 good drying rate

the good drying rate of the product coating can reduce dust, improve the turnover utilization rate of the space to be dried, greatly reduce the inventory pressure of furniture products, and has the advantage of saving the comprehensive cost of coating

coating process reference:


1. If the full filling process is carried out, the times of primer can be adjusted appropriately (or high filling and high fullness primer can be selected), and PE primer can also be matched to increase the film thickness quality

2. Under the environment of (25 ℃, 75%), the primer dries for 8 hours; Self drying of finish paint for 24 hours; Depending on the situation, it can be equipped with drying equipment


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