Czech Republic plans to achieve national coverage

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The Czech Republic plans to realize the national coverage of charging piles

the European Commission said it will strongly support the Czech Republic's plan to vigorously build charging piles for the popularization of electric vehicles, and will provide it with us $52 million. The fixture itself has no fixed structure, which is used to build charging and fuel supply stations for electric, natural gas or hydrogen fueled vehicles nationwide in the next six years, and will not affect the normal market order

"the Czech plan is another good example of Member States' efforts to combat global warming," said Margaret, Commissioner in charge of competition policy ˙ "The plan will promote alternative fuels, reduce harmful vehicle emissions, and encourage consumers and businesses to use greener vehicles without distorting competition," vestag said in a statement

Czech leaders stressed in June that air quality is one of the country's top environmental problems, and transportation accounts for a quarter of the country's total greenhouse gas emissions

the goal of Europe is to achieve "irreversible low emission transportation" to reduce pollution in the field of transportation. Norway is the leader in the European electric vehicle market. At present, there are about 100000 electric vehicles. Otherwise, the fixture or sensor will be damaged and the electric vehicle will be put into use

the British and French governments said this year that they would strive to phase out traditional fuel vehicles. Dorotheeb R, Minister of polyurethane innovation technology, said that the government had allocated US $355 million to build tens of thousands of charging stations on the national highway network

the International Energy Agency predicts that the number of electric vehicles worldwide will at least quadruple by 2020, although cost remains a factor hindering their further deployment. According to 2016 data, electric vehicles account for only 0.2% of the global auto market


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