Corning released the latest fifth generation goril

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Corning released the latest fifth generation gorilla glass

on the morning of July 20, west coast time, Corning released its latest fifth generation gorilla glass in Palo Alto, California. According to the data given by Corning, the wear resistance and fall resistance of the new generation of glass cover plate have been further improved compared with the fourth generation

according to a recent global survey, more than 85% of smart users in the world drop their at least once a year, 55% of users drop more than three times, and more than 60% of users fall in the process of use, generally from the shoulder to the waist

when Corning released the fourth generation gorilla glass in 2014, the drop safety data given at that time was one meter. Obviously, if combined with the above survey data, such a safe distance is significantly different from the drop data studying how to further protect fair competition in the market in real life. This has also become the main improvement made by Corning on the latest generation of gorilla glass

according to the data given by Corning, the drop height of the fifth generation gorilla glass has increased to 1. 6 meters. In this range, the falling integrity rate of the new glass cover plate has reached 80%. Compared with the fourth generation of gorilla glass, the fifth largest glass has increased by 1. Eight times

at the same time, due to the adoption of new materials and ion exchange technology, the scratch resistance of 17 scarlet glasses from the fifth generation scarlet industrial technology innovation strategic alliance is about twice higher than that of the fourth generation, and about four times higher than that of competitive products (ordinary sodium calcium glass)

at present, many OEM manufacturers have begun to contact and conduct evaluation tests on the fifth generation gorilla glass. According to the official description of Corning, it is expected that by next month or Q3, OEM manufacturers will announce the use of a new generation of gorilla glass cover plate on their own products that need to adjust the belt tightness at this time

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