Corning panel boom recovers fastest in Q2 next yea

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Corning: the panel boom will recover fastest in Q2 next year

Corning estimates that the global glass supply next year will be 15% longer than this year. James B. flowers, vice chairman and chief financial officer of the company, said that next, the panel plant will reduce the capacity utilization rate

due to the seasonal demand recession. However, after the demand recovers in the second quarter, the panel plant will return to the normal capacity utilization rate to cope with the long outlook in the second half of the year

according to Corning, the downcycle of this wave of panel factories is only about the second quarter (the fourth quarter and the leading quarter of next year), and the boom will recover as soon as the second quarter of next year

Chen Shixian, chief financial officer of Qimei power (3009), said that although the speed 1 must be slow and clear when the oil return valve is not opened for the leading season next year, next year should be a very good year based on the estimated capacity increase of each panel factory and the demand growth of the three main products According to the estimation of Youda (2409), the new production capacity will be about 17% - 18% next year. Under the restart of generation 8.5 line, the production capacity of Qimei power will increase by 20% - 25% compared with this year. However, Corning only estimates that the output of glass will increase by 15% next year. Legal persons have paid close attention to whether the gap between the estimated production capacity of panel factory and glass factory will put the glass supply in a tight situation again next year

Corning estimates that LCD TVs will grow to 156 million next year, with an annual growth rate of 20%. Youda estimates 159 million, and Qimei is the most optimistic. It is optimistic that LCD TVs in China will pay more attention to the growth of Electromechanical, encoder and sensor accessories. It is estimated that the scale of LCD TVs will reach 165 million next year


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