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Corning and rainbow joint venture 8.6 generation glass substrate rear section processing plant was officially put into operation

yesterday, the LCD glass substrate rear section processing plant jointly invested by China Corning and rainbow display Co., Ltd. was officially put into operation. Chengdu Hongning Display Glass Co., Ltd. (Chengdu Hongning) will supply 8.6 generation and above LCD glass substrates for Chengdu CLP panda Display Technology Co., Ltd. and other panel manufacturers

Corning and China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. have cooperated as early as 2010, when China Electronics was launching its first generation 6 LCD panel production line in Nanjing

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"the joint venture with rainbow reflects Corning's long-term commitment to deep cooperation with local partners and support the development of China's display industry," said Chen Zhishan, President of Corning display technology China. "We are very glad to reach this cooperation with China Electronics. China Electronics is one of Corning's important customers for many years."

Corning will cooperate with its global production network to provide glass substrates for this joint venture factory

"as the leader of industry innovation and market speed precision field, Corning knows that in China, the fastest growing LCD market in the world, deepening cooperation with local government and industrial chain is very important." Chen Zhishan stressed, "our cooperation with China Electronics is another powerful proof of Corning's long-term support for the development of China's display industry."

when the production is announced, Chen Zhongguo, general manager of Rainbow Group Co., Ltd. and chairman of rainbow display Co., Ltd., said: "The production of Chengdu Hongning Display Glass Co., Ltd. marks another important step in combining Corning's leading technology to meet customer needs. Thanks to the strong support of Chengdu municipal government and leaders of Shuangliu District, Chengdu, the project took 11 months to complete the realization from ground breaking to production."

"the 8.6 + generation glass substrate production line of Hongning Display Glass Co., Ltd. put into operation today is another major achievement of open cooperation and mutual benefit between rainbow group and Corning. It is of great significance to promote the development of new display industry in Chengdu and the transformation and upgrading of dual stream industry." Zeng Hu, deputy head of Shuangliu District of Chengdu and director of the Management Committee of Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, said

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