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Analysis on the market situation of high-precision drum based CNC lathes. Popular CNC equipment with high market share must be batch products. Its design structure and process have basically been modified and tested for many times. It should be relatively mature products, and the product quality should be guaranteed

the reliability of high-precision drum based CNC lathe is the focus of the majority of CNC equipment users, so we must take it seriously when selecting CNC equipment. Whether the numerical control equipment has passed the reliability assessment and whether it meets the national standard of mean time between failures (500 hours). How do most users of high-precision drum based CNC lathes evaluate the reliability of certain CNC equipment? Under the arrangement of "replacing steel with plastic" by the national user committee of China Quality Management Association, the research and development of graphene for some CNC equipment in Jining has promoted the transformation and development of Jining as a resource-based city, This will be a new breakthrough and a model of cooperation. Only those who have organized CNC equipment user satisfaction evaluation, and whose average score of user evaluation reaches more than 80 points, are considered to be recognized by users. When purchasing equipment, do not avoid consulting the national CNC machine tool user committee

the configuration of high-precision drum based CNC lathe should not only meet the functional requirements of the machined parts, but also ensure stable and reliable quality, and be economical and reasonable. Whether the mechanical structure has been optimized, whether the structure is reasonable, whether it has sufficient rigidity and stability, and whether high-quality materials and effective processes have been selected to ensure its stability should be investigated. The CNC equipment manufacturer shall be required to provide the configuration list and manufacturer of various key supporting products (attached to the contract) to prevent the CNC equipment manufacturer from shoddy and affecting the quality of the whole machine. Relevant leaders of Quanzhou City and Shishi City of Fujian Province also attended the survey. High precision drum based CNC lathes, especially the CNC system, feed servo system, spindle drive system, bearings for spindle and ball screw, ball screw system, PC and electrical parts, hydraulic parts, etc., must be selected from the excellent products produced in batch by famous manufacturers at home and abroad (3) after finalization

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