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Symbol of quality Scania held a seminar on industrial engines

symbol of quality Scania held a seminar on industrial engines

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september 22-25, 2015, Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (New National Exhibition). The 13th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange conference of BICES 2015, a feast of bright stars in the construction machinery industry, is being held here in full swing. Construction machinery manufacturers, agents, parts manufacturers and customers from all over the world gather here to display the latest R & D achievements, exchange development experience, and compete and participate in the event together

on the second day of BICES 2015, Scania, the world's leading heavy truck and bus manufacturer from Sweden, held a seminar on industrial engines. At the meeting, tianjunqiang, senior sales manager of Scania China engine, shared and discussed with the guests about the characteristics, advantages and application cases of Scania industrial engine

according to tianjunqiang, Scania engine respects the principle of "technology driven" and advocates the principle of "life-cycle economy", hoping to help customers maximize their interests by combining the advantages of products and services

in fact, Scania design not only focuses on reducing fuel consumption, but also uses any fuel sold in the market with its rich engine range. This is also a major advantage for Scania Chinese engine to adapt to Chinese local characteristics

thanks to Scania's unique modular concept, all engines are produced based on the same basic components, whether it is 9 L, 13 L or 16 L. more than 65% of the total number of engine parts are used for existing new engines to put the required cylinder into the slot machine platform. The maximum experimental force of oil change up to 500 hours: 1000KN and maintenance interval have also further significantly improved the attendance rate. Combined with Scania's proven reliability and more potential opportunities in the development and design of household products, production efficiency, environmental protection, product functions and other innovative fields, Scania will certainly bring you unmatched operating economy

at the exhibition, Scania will not only display industrial engines, but also display the unique technical solutions for engines that are developed and designed to be cleaner, more durable and more economical

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