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In home life, furniture is needed for decoration. Different furniture styles bring different life experiences to users. At present, the more popular European furniture is the choice of many users. So how should we choose European furniture when we choose it? What are the characteristics of furniture with European style? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian below

I. European furniture purchase strategy 2018

1. First of all, choose European furniture. We need to look at the shape and processing technology. Pure handmade European furniture is different from mechanized furniture. Handmade furniture is more flexible and vivid, and has better appreciation. At the same time, it has higher collection and investment value, while mechanized European furniture has a single style, and also appears too rigid

2. Secondly, we can understand the origin culture of European furniture. The imported European furniture culture originated in Europe, which is more prominent in modeling and has a European style. At the same time, it is more artistic after careful carving in the production project

3. Most European furniture is made of solid wood, and the paint part also uses high-grade paint, which will not smell. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the quality of the paint meets the standard. There are also many kinds of solid wood, such as teak, mahogany, cherry and oak. Different kinds of wood are furniture, and the prices are different. You should understand this clearly

4. European furniture is relatively expensive, and generally has after-sales service, which should also be clear with the store owner when purchasing. Only when the after-sales service is guaranteed can the later maintenance be guaranteed. Regular merchants should also be selected for purchase

II. What are the characteristics of European style furniture

1. Take the Baroque furniture in European style as an example. The color of Baroque furniture is mainly gold, and the appearance is decorated with gold-plated or gold foil, which looks very luxurious and high-grade. The Rococo furniture series in the European style have softer colors, mostly white and beige, which will be closer to life and belong to low-key luxury goods

2. Most European style furniture is white. The old European style furniture is more complex, while the modern European style furniture has simplified lines, which can highlight the classical charm and unique style, making it look more colorful. European style furniture is a combination of nobility and elegance. It seems luxurious, but it can also show a trace of simplicity

summary: in the above, I introduced the purchasing strategy of European furniture. I believe you have a deeper understanding of this knowledge. I suggest you to buy furniture in large furniture markets or exclusive stores, so that products and after-sales are guaranteed. You can refer to the above contents about European furniture purchase strategy 2018 and the characteristics of European furniture





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