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In terms of Feng Shui of door decoration, the key is to pay attention to, because if Feng Shui is bad, it will also have an impact on our luck, so we need to pay attention to these problems when decorating. Let's have a look

decoration Feng Shui door to door

influence of decoration door to door

if what you see when you enter the door is the door facing the kitchen, this is a big killer in home feng shui, which is very easy to cause people living inside to suffer from serious diseases and affect their health. A very simple remedy is to place tall leafy plants between the door and the kitchen door, and pay attention to leafy plants, Put the plants next to the kitchen door. Another way is to hang the mascot of the safety bottle on the kitchen door to dissolve it

if the door is facing the bathroom door, the humidity and turbidity in the bathroom will directly rush to the door. I believe you don't want to feel this way after you go home every day, and the God of wealth won't patronize your door, which will affect your wealth, health, career and other aspects, so you should pay more attention here

if you enter the door or in the living room, you can see everything in the bedroom. The bedroom is a relatively secret place, and all the secrets are seen clearly. Isn't it very insecure? Therefore, the door to the bedroom door will make the people living in it in a trance, distracted, and the mood will be good and bad, and there will be more gossip or quarrels that lead to emotional discord. Feng Shui is a big taboo here, We should not take it lightly

if the door of the bedroom is opposite to the door of the bathroom for a long time, because there is foul gas in the bathroom, the people living in the bedroom will be in bad luck and have health problems, so we should pay attention to the door-to-door Feng Shui in this place

when cooking in the kitchen, the lampblack and moisture in it will spread all over the house even if the kitchen door is closed. If the door of the bedroom is opposite to the kitchen door, and if it is still close, the bedroom is the first place to smell these smells. After a long time, it is easy to make people living in it nervous and suspicious, and there may be frequent quarrels at home, It will also have a great impact on people's health

if the door of the bathroom is opposite to the door of the kitchen, the bathroom belongs to water and the kitchen belongs to fire. This water and fire are incompatible, which will definitely make the people living in it feel irritable and emotionally unstable. From the perspective of health, one is a place to cook delicious food, the other is a place to discharge pollutants, so it will affect your health and the financial fortunes of the people living in it

solve " Door to door " Feng Shui trick

1. Close the door frequently

the two opposite doors should be closed frequently, because the flow of air can be prevented after closing, and the field state is in a relatively static state, which can reduce mutual flow

2. You can add a curtain on the door and choose something more beautiful, which can not only increase the beauty, but also solve the problem of relative door to door

3. Put five emperor coins

there are many pictures of five emperor coins and they play a great role. You can also put a set of five emperor coins under the two doors and inside the house, which is also a better way. This method is used by many people

4. Poseidon door symbol

Poseidon door symbol is a kind of luck ornament specially used to dissolve the opposite of door. It plays a great role and is the main solution method of modern door-to-door solution. It is also a good decoration. Play a role in beautifying the environment

5. Set the screen

if the distance between the two doors is far and the space allows, you can place the screen to transform the field state

6. Changing the door position

this method is more difficult. It is usually carried out before decoration. Some buildings cannot be moved at all, so it has great limitations. If conditions permit, it's best to change it directly

various “ Door to door ” Feng Shui taboos and solutions

1. The door to the bedroom door

the bedroom is a place to relax and rest. It is a very private place. We can safely hide our secrets in it. If the door is facing the door of the bedroom, the situation inside will be seen clearly as soon as the door of the bedroom is opened, which will make the residents feel peeped, lack of security, trance, inattention, and easy to affect their emotions

2. Gate to back door

the back door of modern unit houses has been omitted, leaving only one gate. Most of the back doors exist in the house with a single door and a single yard. The gate is directly opposite the back door to form a cash withdrawal grid, and the gas flows in and out directly. If it cannot be retained, the gas will also leak out. The pattern of facing the window or balcony as soon as you enter the gate is also bad, which will leak money

3. Bedroom door to bedroom door

the doors of the two bedrooms are just opposite, which is a hedge. The traditional residential culture believes that this situation forms a collision of air currents, which is easy to cause family discord. If the two rooms are the old man's room and the children's room, it is easy to lead to the collision between the two rooms, which is not conducive to children's education

4. Door/bedroom door to kitchen door

the kitchen is a place for cooking. There is a lot of oil smoke, fire and humidity. Even if the door is closed, the smell of oil smoke in the kitchen cannot be closed. As soon as you enter the door, a choking oil smoke rushes into your face, and no one feels good. If the bedroom door is opposite to the kitchen door, and the lampblack drives straight in, living in such an environment, your health is easy to be damaged, and your mental state is also poor

5. Door/bedroom door to bathroom door

the particularity of bathroom and kitchen has been said many times. One is angry and the other is turbid, which produces a bad gas field. It cannot be opposite to the door or bedroom door. The kitchen door and the bathroom door cannot be directly opposite, which will form a situation of water and fire intolerance. The house is not like furniture. It's placed in the wrong direction. Just move it. If the door is reinstalled in the house, it's necessary to tear down the wall and break the earth. It's always inconvenient to pay someone to do it. In this way, we can only find ways to resolve it. The simplest way to resolve door-to-door problems is to hang a curtain or put a screen. Tall green plants are also OK. This is suitable for houses with large area and spacious space. For a smaller house, the door is closed when it is not in use to prevent air circulation

Feng Shui problem of bedroom door-to-door

first, the two houses are close together, whether opposite, opposite, or opposite. In short, the running water on the eaves can intersect. So far, the two houses, whether in hutongs or patios, are wooden. In such a state, no matter how symmetrical it is, or whether it is front door to back door, it is taboo. This is called scolding door. If the patio is square, the doors and windows must be opposite

second, the head door and the instrument door form a straight line with the front door and the back door, or the front door and the back door form a line, especially the back door of the hall faces the main room, which is called the hall ghost. Such a shape is called the scolding door. Therefore, try not to create a ventilation situation

third, the front hall and the main room are not in the same direction, or the front room and the back room are back-to-back characteristics. For example, the main room or the building you live in is in the meridian direction, while the sitting direction of the front room or the back room is in the Renbing direction. At this time, if the door is opposite to the door, it is also called the scolding door

fourth, there are two doors side by side on one side of the house, only separated by a wall, or three doors side by side. The middle is large, and the doors on both sides are small. There is no window between the doors, just like Pinzi. If such a shape is set on the opposite side of the house, it is called xiangscolding door. Even if there is no opposite house, the design of this door method is also evil

fifth, the door or front door is facing the door opened on the gable of other houses, or the small door opened on the four corners of others' houses. If the small door is smaller than its own door, it will be sued and killed because of mutual abuse. If it is smaller than its own door, it will suddenly get mad because of mutual abuse

sixth, there is a small house facing the head door of your home or in front of the door. The small house has a door but no window. This is called the scolding door, and it is weird and sneaky. If the cabin opposite, like the garage, is a gate, such a shape is also called the scolding door, and it will kill people because of scolding. If there is a big tree next to the hut, many owners will be hanged due to scolding. If it is not a hut but a cave door, or the shape of a cave door, if it is within 30 meters from your door, this kind of scolding is often fierce in court

bedroom door to bedroom door will cause two brothers to quarrel. The solution is that the two doors cannot be opened at the same time. Bedroom door to mirror is prone to nervous diseases, and the air entering the door, good or bad, is reflected away by the mirror. In the bedroom, you can hang some auspicious items: Chinese knots, greeting blessings, wealth and peony pictures, etc. Here is another more effective way to resolve the door-to-door layout: hanging Amethyst bead curtains on the bedroom door is not only a good way to decorate the door, but also a perfect combination of beads, so that families can live in harmony and have fun

if the toilet door is opposite to the bedroom door, first, change the toilet door to the west, that is, open the door in the corridor where you enter the door, so as to avoid the relative problem between the toilet door and the bedroom door You can hang a bamboo curtain or a crystal curtain outside the toilet door. Instead of hanging the whole curtain to the ground, you can hang half of it You can also hang gourds at the door of the bedroom Change the direction of the bathroom door, or make it into a secret door

door bedroom door to door Feng Shui

the door is facing the door of the small bedroom, and next to the door of the small bedroom is the bed. It's bad feng shui. Because Qi will rush into the small bedroom with people from the outside. People who rest in the small bedroom have poor sleep quality and lack of wealth

the best solution is to install a screen at the gate. On the one hand, according to the wealth in the living room, it can avoid the gas rushing into the small bedroom. But it depends on the size of your room space. If it is too small to place a screen, try not to open the door of the small bedroom often. The bed of the small bedroom should be moved, and do not rush directly to the door. Close the door of the small bedroom immediately after getting up early

bedroom door to kitchen door Feng Shui

the kitchen is fire from the five elements. For this bedroom door, people will be angry, anxious and irritable, which is bad for health

the bedroom door rushing into the kitchen affects the heart, eyes, skin, blood circulation, throat, lungs, bones, back, liver and gall, hemorrhoids (hanging rattan leaf plants on the left and right corners, or screen seals that are too high and too wide through the door, and access doors are often closed), or after using the toilet or kitchen door, close the toilet door or kitchen door tightly when any gas or electric switch is safely closed, and try not to let the airflow of anode and cathode molecules flow out to affect health





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