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People say that if the two love each other forever. How can I dream with you. People in the play are heartbroken and think in their dreams. Ask yourself who the mandarin duck is spinning for. Enjoy some new products with Xinming curtain, and look down on luxury and the beauty of new Chinese style

in charge of the world of mortals, day and night, condensing words into love. Two depend on each other, such as flower attachment, you are the warmth I keep alone, not negative, bustling lips lingering. That day, the sky was gloomy, like my mood. Step on the broken sadness, close your eyes, and at this moment, there is a continuous feeling of sorrow

the fragrance beside the pillow, floating in the moonlight, warms my lifelong attachment. A stream of autumn water flows in my eyes, and my thoughts fall on my eyebrows. Under the bright moon, I am still a woman like a dream, with long hair floating, colorful clothes dancing and shadow playing. And thousands of miles away, are you caressing your sword and chanting, white clothes are better than snow, and your smile is clear

the rustling sky and the continuous sorrow become a thousand knot under whose piano music? The moon is falling and crowing. Whose wind and frost millennium has it sung? When a smile provoked infatuation, it was destined to go through thousands of years of entanglement with you in the world of mortals. Tonight, I can't help but get drunk in the Xiaofeng Wanyue of my previous life. Deep in the lotus root, beside the willow bank, the misty rain building is still vast

a wisp of smoke curls up, green flies touch the water, and willow catkins flutter. Floating life is like a dream, quiet as water, don't ask for love and sorrow, just wish you a good life, the wind and frost of the previous life, and the bitterness of this life. No matter rain or snow, I just want to be drunk together, fill up the half life of exile, and say goodbye to my life of infatuation and resentment. Peeling all over the body with scars, waiting for the Phoenix Nirvana, may it be bleak and send a piece of paper, and may it be connected with clothes in this life

the world of mortals has been drunk for thousands of years, accompanied by lonely songs for a lifetime. For you, I'm drunk with the eternal reincarnation, and pale with a touch of short and eternal love in the rolling world of mortals. In the poetic and picturesque mood of a thousand years, I was drunk with your charming dimple in a smile. I had experienced the vicissitudes of life and turned into a few dreams. In the moment of Epiphyllum, whose fingertips inadvertently passed through the time of a thousand years, locking the fragrance of a moment in my melancholy mind

life is a predestined fate. From the beginning to the end, from nothing to existence, from existence to nonexistence, although it is doomed to ashes, but the numerous hustle and bustle, came, loved, and hurt, then smiled innocently, so there is no regret. Fleeting time passes, youth is done, how much melancholy, how much loss, just because of the constant cutting, reason is still broken. This situation and this scene are like dreams, exciting and moving, just to pursue this fate that does not understand fate

when drunk, you know that the wine is thick, and when you wake up, you know that your dream is empty. It turns out that watching the withered flowers is also a kind of pain. Who buried the promise of his life in front of your tomb? Whose love of life and death is drawn in the painting of the world of mortals? Finally, I can only keep the same face for a thousand years. Looking at cherry blossoms all over the sky, sadness flows, but it can't hide the mottled fleeting years

drunk and forgetful, why should we be tied up; I feel sorry for the lonely night, and the thin shadow makes me sad. Thousands of years of fate, this life is melancholy; Unable to carry, many worries, tears flow first. In the not old night, string up your gentle words and phrases, fold them into Tang and Song Dynasties, and pave the words of tonight. A kind of love can only be sent in a dream, and I turn into a butterfly in a dream, waiting for the moment of dawn in the thin moonlight, dancing together

Buddha said: looking back 500 times in previous lives, you can only pass this life by. In this short life, how many incense and fire predestined relationships have you had in your previous life. Holding hands is a kind of fate, looking back is a kind of fate; Life is a kind of fate, love is a kind of fate; If there is an afterlife, the afterlife is also a fate. What makes up life is the countless fate; Let you knot and solve. Only by cherishing fate and following fate can we see the origin and fall of fate with the Buddha's heart

love meets, this life is born. Attachment is like falling flowers and flowing water. Looking back, the years are still quiet, that Enron, is a flower smile on another flower, and I only miss it in time. Just for your deep look back and your missing song by song between your eyebrows. Whether the years will grow old or not? With you in the world of mortals, my soul will always be tied in your dream, and I will spend thousands of years with you in the world of mortals...

I will listen to the vegetarian piano drunk, smile and sing poetry, and leave a sad inscription for half my life. The past is fleeting, the next life is crisp, and the world of mortals weeps in love. Several times, I wandered and looked forward to my hometown, thinking of Yu Yan and dreaming back as before. Who doesn't want the moment to be eternal and the memory to leave a mark? Who is willing to say goodbye to her, cherish the past, return to the wheel, clear frost, noisy Tian, fragile oath, forget the ripples of the river, the heart is beautiful, but what ruins, love has passed for thousands of years, vaguely whirling, the old edge of the world of mortals

as beautiful as flowers, they are no match for fleeting time; If the heart is like a rock, it can't resist the passing clouds. In this world, there are too few helping each other and too many forgetting each other in the Jianghu. Some people who once loved deeply regard morning and evening as everlasting, and love for a while as deep love for a lifetime. So I promised, so I hope to hold the hand of my son and grow old with my son

if I'm just a passer-by in your vast crowd, can I not be obsessed? If, I'm just the ornament of your time, can't you stop me from getting drunk? If I'm just the starting point of your half life exile, can you not let me leave? If I'm just your dispensable fireworks, can I not be broken? Can't see the end of the story, Yanyu ancient city, who is waiting for me? The flowers are silent and fall all over the ground. Do you know whose feelings have been hurt? Whose heart was broken

I don't know who I hurt because I wear red makeup under the moon. The birds are still in pairs and are busy singing in pairs. But there are two lines of tears. Iraqi solo accompanied by moonlight, only solitary shadows roam together. Lie under the willow skirt. People say that if the two love each other forever. How can I dream with you. People in the play are heartbroken and think in their dreams. Ask yourself who the mandarin duck is spinning for

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