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Decoration owner files:

Real Estate: ten areas of Contemporary International Garden (more contemporary international garden renderings) house type: 3-2-2-1 area: 131 square meters cost: 130000 labor contracting method: half package decoration style: modern style decoration company: face-to-face decoration (more community decoration case results)

the simple and fashionable modern sense is the style loved by many young people now, and the warm yellow color of the whole room adds a warm sense of home. The TV background wall paved with stone highlights the atmosphere of the overall design. A little green plants are placed at home at will, which is environmentally friendly and beautiful

the saving function of adding space has a row of storage cabinets beside the sofa, and the wall is prominent. In order to decorate, a hanging cabinet is set on the wall, which is both beautiful and practical. The color of the sofa is light coffee, showing the calm personality of the man

the ceiling divides the areas of the dining room and the living room. The exquisite hollowed out wine cabinet, coupled with the plain white dining table, gives people a clean and tidy feeling. The beautiful crystal chandelier and the sofa background frame make people feel a little European-style exquisite luxury

the radiator is more prominent on the wall. In order to weaken that feeling, a photo wall is hung on it as a decoration. The long corridor is illuminated by a row of spotlights. When I get it, I feel like a road of stars

house type analysis

advantages: 1. The north and South are transparent and the ventilation effect is good. 2. There are many terraces and balconies, and the view is casual and comfortable. 3. Clear functional zoning

disadvantages: 1. There are many beams and columns, and the space is irregular. 2. The operation area of the overall kitchen cabinet is relatively few

how to correct: 1. Decorate the beams and columns of the wall through the modeling cooperation of the wall surface; 2. Increase the practicality by dividing the storage room. 3. Through the door of the living balcony, the direction should be changed to make the cabinet table longer and more integral, and the utilization rate of the living balcony should be improved

Design Description: the owners and owners of this case work very hard, often work overtime, and hope to relax the fatigue of the day after a hard day, so the whole case adopts a neutral color system, which makes people have a warm and natural feeling. The background wall adopts marble, and through the combination of diatom mud decorative columns, And the concave convex shape of the shear wall, which overstates the overall space and decorates the wall, distinguishes the living room from the dining room. For more cases, please pay attention to the decoration effect drawing of the most complete community in 2013





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