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How can customized products do a good job in after-sales service? Cabinet enterprises have made a series of independent innovations in creating customer service. What experience can be used for reference by the industry

a customer file enjoys lifelong service

when ordering cabinet products, each customer will have his own file form. When the cabinet installation is completed, the staff will invite customers to fill in the installation service satisfaction questionnaire, which will be entered into the customer archive of the headquarters together with the customer's order information to become a lifelong customer. Cabinet staff will provide regular return visits and after-sales repair and maintenance services to customers based on this file in the future, and will also receive family greetings during festivals and birthdays

listen to customers through two communication channels

customers can not only communicate directly with the staff of the local specialty stores of youm cabinets, but also communicate and feedback with the service center when they have suggestions and complaints. To this end, the service center has established two customer communication platforms, built convenient and fast communication channels with customers, and always communicate with customers through the most commonly used and convenient channels

the return visit system allows customers' opinions to be free of omissions

within one week after the installation of customers' cabinets, the staff of youm cabinet store will conduct the first customer satisfaction telephone return visit to understand customers' satisfaction with the installation quality of cabinets and the installation personnel; After customers use cabinets for half a year, the staff of the exclusive store will conduct a second customer satisfaction telephone return visit to understand customers' satisfaction with the use of product layout design and space utilization; After the customer has used it for one year, the staff of the exclusive store will visit the customer to clean and maintain it for free and teach the use and maintenance skills

there is a saying in the management concept that "the best after-sales service is equal to no service". This is the most ideal state. In addition to disposable products, durable goods will wear and change after a long time of use, that is, after-sales service must be produced. Then the quality of after-sales service must be faster and more comprehensive. By establishing a customer service guarantee system, cabinets have tapped customers' needs in advance through regular return visits and open communication channels. When customers think of it, they have done it, For customers to create the most intimate after-sales service

this can be called the service model of China's cabinet industry. If it is an employee's personal service attitude and quality, the service quality will not be guaranteed when the employee changes. Only by using the customer service system and operating with the system can we guarantee the service quality of customers. Let's respect youmu cabinet, which is determined to be the leading brand of Chinese cabinet




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