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On August 5, 2011, the China Building Materials Federation and the China building glass and Industrial Glass Association organized and held a symposium on the industry situation of the national key flat glass manufacturers in Beijing, Comrades in charge of 18 key flat glass enterprises from all over the country attended the meeting. Qiaolongde, President of China Building Materials Association, sunxiangyuan, Secretary of the Party committee and executive vice president, xuyongmo, chenguoqing and suntieshi, vice presidents, zhangdongzhuang, secretary general, zhangjingtao, vice president of China building glass and Industrial Glass Association, and zhangbaiheng, Secretary General attended the meeting. President qiaolongde made an important speech. He fully affirmed the achievements of the flat glass industry in recent years, analyzed the current problems and causes, pointed out the countermeasures and measures, and stressed the need to address both the symptoms and root causes, so as to push the flat glass industry to the track of technological progress and structural optimization

the meeting reported and exchanged the economic operation of the glass industry in the first half of 2011 and the production, operation, inventory, cold repair and projects under construction of some key enterprises, focused on the research and analysis of the outstanding problems, contradictions and development trends faced by the current industry development and economic operation, and made suggestions on how to implement the No. 38 document of the State Council and relevant industrial policies, further standardize the market order, and safeguard the overall interests of the industry We have reached consensus on fostering and supporting the development of large enterprise groups, leading the flat glass industry to effectively change its development mode and achieve sustainable and healthy development

the meeting held that since the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China's glass industry has made rapid progress and development, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized, the variety and quality have been continuously improved, remarkable achievements have been made in energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and the international influence has been gradually expanded. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's flat glass still faces rare development opportunities, especially with the steady and healthy development of China's national economy and the gradual promotion of urbanization, as well as the development of construction, real estate, automobile, energy conservation and environmental protection industries, which will bring new development space to China's flat glass industry

the meeting pointed out that while affirming the great achievements and good development prospects of China's flat glass industry, we should clearly see that there is still great blindness in the development of the industry, the development model is still extensive on the whole, and there are prominent contradictions and problems such as unbalanced industrial development, large periodic fluctuations, low industrial concentration and unreasonable structure. Especially in recent years, there have been some urgent problems to be solved, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the industry development model is extensive, the capacity growth rate is too fast, and the phenomenon of blind development and repeated construction continues despite repeated prohibitions; Second, the binding effect of resources, energy and environment has been strengthened, the price of raw and fuel materials has been rising, and manufacturing enterprises are facing greater pressure of rising costs; Third, due to the rapid growth of production capacity and the decline of market demand, vicious competition and low-cost dumping occurred, damaging the overall interests of the industry

the meeting called on the whole industry and enterprises to focus on transforming the development mode and fully implement the No. 38 document of the State Council and relevant industrial policies; It is necessary to strengthen the self-discipline of enterprises and stop repeated construction, blind development, low-cost dumping and vicious competition; We should vigorously support backbone enterprises to further optimize, strengthen and expand, and effectively promote structural adjustment and the progress and development of the industry; It is necessary to study and analyze the common and outstanding problems faced by the industry in its development, and timely report them to the government departments for decision-making reference. Torque detector, etc.

I. conscientiously implement HGF No. 38 document and relevant industrial policies of the glass industry. 4. The security inspection machine must work under the specified working voltage

flat glass enterprises should pay attention to changing the development mode, and fully implement the GF No. 38 document and the relevant industrial policies of the glass industry. The Building Materials Federation and the glass association reported the implementation of the No. 38 document in this meeting and the current industry to the relevant government departments in a timely manner, and suggested that the government departments first review the production lines constructed and put into operation after the issuance of the access conditions and the No. 38 document one by one, and do not approve and record any project that does not meet the requirements of the access conditions and the No. 38 document; Second, effectively implement the requirements of the Interim Measures for the administration of access announcements for the flat glass industry, grasp the policy boundaries, and all new projects must meet the "access conditions". After overhaul, reconstruction and expansion, the original production line shall gradually meet the requirements of "access conditions" and fatigue testing machine for bridge concrete components. After efforts, it still can not meet the requirements, and the low-grade float glass production line that lacks competitiveness should gradually withdraw from the market

II. Actively support the development of large groups and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity

it is suggested that the Building Materials Federation and the glass association should determine the list of key large enterprise groups in the glass industry as soon as possible, and recommend it to government departments and financial institutions. It is hoped that key support will be given in project approval, land approval, credit extension, merger and reorganization, so as to better reflect the support policy of highlighting key points, maintaining pressure, supporting the good and limiting the bad, and guide and support the backbone enterprises to become better, stronger and bigger

caoduji, executive chairman of ialta/Vice President of Chang'an Automotive Engineering Research Institute, should cooperate with government departments to eliminate backward production capacity. According to the schedule of completely eliminating the backward flat glass production capacity of the flat drawing method (including the lattice method) within three years (years), all the backward flat glass production capacity shall be eliminated by the end of 2012

III. strengthen enterprise self-discipline, standardize competitive behavior, and maintain normal market order

first, the majority of enterprises have and have the obligation to jointly maintain the market operating environment and order of the industry. They should stress honesty, follow business ethics, improve and improve enterprise marketing management, standardize customer behavior, put an end to non-standard sales means, and stop low-cost dumping and vicious competition. Second, we should attach importance to the development of high-quality and special products, adjust product varieties and specifications, and avoid competition with homogeneous products; The association shall strengthen communication and cooperation with quality inspection departments and relevant units, strengthen the sampling inspection of product quality, prevent unqualified products from entering the market, and prohibit the production and sales of non-standard products. Third, it is suggested that the production lines with high energy consumption and close to cold repair should discharge water for cold repair in advance; Other production lines in operation shall adhere to the standards, improve the quality, adjust the variety structure, do not pursue the output, and do not exceed the design capacity; The ignition time of the line under construction can be postponed, and the construction of the proposed line can be postponed to alleviate the excessive growth of production capacity

IV. trade associations should do a good job in policy publicity, research and guidance

first, continue to publicize and implement relevant national industrial policies in the industry; Second, further clean up and sort out relevant policies, regulations and product standards, put forward targeted industrial policies and relevant standards that need to be formulated and revised, and issue them after winning the support of the government to meet the needs of industry development; Third, we should actively report to the government departments, improve legislation, and expand the application field market of energy-saving glass. Fourth, do a good job in industry research and information statistics, and do a good job in industry development and economic operation analysis and early warning; Fifth, continue to guide enterprises to strengthen self-discipline, consciously abide by and implement relevant national documents and policies, and effectively stop the phenomenon of redundant construction, low-cost dumping and vicious competition

China Building Materials Federation

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August 5, 2011

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