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Switching operation management of distribution room in residential quarters in order to ensure safe and reliable power supply to residential quarters, we adopt the ring power supply wiring mode for residential quarters based on the principles of economy and rationality

1 advantages of ring power supply

this kind of wiring adopts ring wiring on the high-voltage side and radiation wiring to all load points on the low-voltage side. The utility model has the advantages of simple equipment (ring cabinet is usually used at the high-voltage side), clear wiring, flexible operation, low cost and high power supply reliability; The secondary side of two or more main transformers can be equipped with a tie switch in this sculpture. When one main transformer fails or the load is low, one main transformer can be stopped, and power is supplied to each load point through the tie switch. Various economic and technical indicators meet the quantitative index requirements of new plastic materials, which not only reduces the loss, but also improves the power supply reliability

2 the generation of problems

with the development of the scale of residential quarters, the situation of multiple development and construction and property management in a plot is becoming more and more prominent. After the high-voltage side ring of the distribution room in each community, the problems in the management of switching operation are exposed. At present, there are two modes for the management of distribution rooms in residential quarters in our city. One is the connection mode of high-voltage side measurement adopted in previous years, and the operation of these distribution rooms is in the charge of the Power Bureau; The other is the ring wiring currently used, in which the customer is responsible for the switching operation of the power distribution room in the residential area of property management. At present, there are more distribution rooms in the latter mode than in the former mode, and there will be more and more in a long period of time in the future (before the real implementation of meter reading to households by the power bureau). In this way, there is a lack of a unified management and scheduling mechanism for the switching operation of incoming equipment in the distribution room of the community. If this problem is not solved or not solved well, it will lead to illegal operation and excessive use of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers in agricultural production, resulting in personal injury and equipment damage accidents

under the ring wiring mode, the following problems will occur when the distribution room is managed by the customer:

(1) under normal conditions, the operation mode is that the incoming lines of Party A and Party B supply power at the same time. The switches 111, 112, 113, 115 and 116 are in the closed position and the switch 114 is in the off position, that is to say, the whole system operates in an open-loop mode at the switch 114

when the incoming line a is powered off for some reason, customers 1 and 2 will stop the power supply. In this case, customer 2 will directly close knife switch 114 without opening knife switch 111 of customer 1 (or even the load switch of the main transformer), resulting in an on load knife switch closing accident. If there is a fault point on the incoming line a, it will cause the incoming line B to fail and trip, resulting in the expansion of the accident; If the incoming line of Party A is cut off due to maintenance, it will threaten the life safety of maintenance personnel

(2) due to the sparse distribution of lines in some areas, the load on the lines is high. Under ideal conditions, the load of both incoming lines a and B shall not exceed 200 A. However, the load of both incoming lines a and B shall exceed 200 a under the condition that the current line layout is not very reasonable and the power construction is not perfect. In this case, even if the knife switch 111 is opened, the incoming line B will be overloaded and the equipment will be damaged

3 management improvements

if a department can uniformly manage and dispatch the switching operation of the distribution rooms in these communities, the above accidents will not occur. The Department shall master the wiring condition of the system, the load condition of each line and the condition of the superior substation, etc. After the power failure of the incoming line of Party A, the department ordered customers 1 and 2 to disconnect the load switch of the main transformer in their distribution room, and ordered customer 1 to disconnect the 111 knife switch, take safety measures, and then ordered customer 2 to close the 114 knife switch, and then send power to each main transformer. If the line is overloaded, some main transformer cable bundles will be stopped and installed in the sheath made of aluminum or aluminum zirconium alloy to avoid accidents caused by overload Therefore, in order to prevent the wrong switching operation of the distribution room in the community and eliminate the loopholes in the security management of the distribution room in the community, there must be a department that can uniformly manage and dispatch these distribution rooms in the community

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