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The special seminar on the production and application of manufactured sand was held in Quanzhou. The special seminar on the production and application of manufactured sand was held in Quanzhou. On August 29, the special seminar on the production and application of manufactured sand with the theme of "circular economy and green building materials" was held in Quanzhou. The conference was hosted by ready mixed mortar branch of China Building Materials Federation, organized by Fujian bulk cement association, and co organized by Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of machine-made sand equipment. Mahansheng, executive vice chairman of ready mixed mortar branch of China Building Materials Federation, zhengyacheng, deputy director of Fujian bulk cement office, luogongwang, deputy director of Zhejiang bulk cement office, wangpeiming, Professor of School of materials and engineering of Tongji University, fangqingxi, chairman of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., and other leaders as well as representatives of well-known enterprises in the mortar industry, such as Jinyu, yishibao, NiGao, Caoyang, odimei, etc, More than 300 representatives concerned about the production and application of manufactured sand attended the meeting

Quanzhou is a famous historical and cultural city and an important industrial town in China. As an important material for fine production and application in the mortar industry, the conference conducted a special technical discussion on machine-made sand, which attracted unprecedented attention

cailuhong, vice president of China Building Materials Federation, delivered a speech at the meeting. As we all know, due to the large-scale and uncontrolled exploitation of river sand in recent years, the river sand resources have decreased sharply, resulting in the rising price of natural sand. On the other hand, in the production practice of dry mixed mortar, compared with natural sand, machine-made sand has great advantages in environmental protection and energy conservation. It has become an inevitable trend for the industry to substitute manufactured sand for natural sand. At present, the increasing depletion of natural sand and the huge demand for aggregates in national construction projects have made the sand and stone production industry a highly profitable blue chip stock in the building materials market. Many domestic equipment manufacturers have launched machine-made sand and stone production lines. However, at present, most sand and stone production lines still remain in the status of simple crushing, serious waste of resources, prominent environmental protection problems, and sand and stone grading does not meet the national standards, which has brought some problems to the development of ready mixed mortar industry. The ready mixed mortar branch is willing to create more learning and exchange opportunities for the development of the industry, build an interactive platform, and jointly promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of China's ready mixed mortar industry

zhengyacheng, deputy director of Fujian bulk cement office, introduced the current situation of the development of bulk cement and ready mixed mortar in Fujian Province. In 2013, Fujian Province developed 6672 cubic meters of bulk cement, 16742 cubic meters of ready mixed concrete and 2.85 million tons of ready mixed mortar. As an important building aggregate, manufactured sand plays an important role in the "Trinity" development of bulk cement, ready mixed concrete and ready mixed mortar. Fujian Province is rich in mineral resources, and vigorously developing machine-made sand will also be the inevitable trend of building aggregate in Fujian Province

Luo Gongwang, deputy director of bulk cement Office of Zhejiang Province, introduced the development of ready mixed mortar in Zhejiang Province to the guests. After ten years of development, there are currently 65 ready mixed mortar enterprises and 15 at home in Zhejiang Province. In 2013, 2.53 million tons of ready mixed mortar application products were accepted by Zhejiang ready mixed mortar industry laboratory. This year, it has exceeded 4million tons. Next year, it will exceed 5million tons according to the 12th Five Year Plan of Zhejiang Province. The rapid development of ready mixed mortar industry requires more machine-made sand products with high requirements. More mortar equipment manufacturers are welcome to invest in Zhejiang

as the organizer of the conference, fangqingxi, chairman of Nanfang road machinery, delivered a welcome speech. He said that Nanfang road machinery has been focusing on mixing equipment for 20 years and has achieved good market results. However, as the source of construction, sand and gravel aggregate has always troubled the fine development of mixing equipment. No matter how good the equipment is, it is also white waste without good machine-made sand. According to the requirements of Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd., there are more than 1000 kinds of machine-made sand products. This surprising data puts forward more refined requirements for machine-made sand equipment. Nanfang Road Machinery Co., Ltd. and trek ζ The purpose of the cooperation between Sri Lanka and Japan Shouji Research Institute is to build the best machine-made sand equipment in the world and produce the most refined machine-made sand products

in the subsequent technical exchange, hanjixian, an expert of sand and gravel aggregate in China and Secretary General of China sand and gravel Association, analyzed the application status and development trend of sand and gravel in China

Chen Hong, the vice general manager of Tangshan DUNSHI dry powder building materials Co., Ltd., the earliest enterprise engaged in the production of ready mixed mortar in China, resonated with the participants about the challenges and responses faced by the dry mixed mortar enterprises

chenyufang, chief technical engineer of Luquan Jinyu Dingxin Cement Co., Ltd., made a special report on the development trend of comprehensive utilization of mines in the cement industry for cement production enterprises to use their own mines to develop machine-made sand products, and found a new way for cement enterprises to develop new profit models

Zhang Yinxiang, a well-known expert in the industry and director of Beijing ready mixed mortar Engineering Technology Research Center, made a special report on the application of machine-made sand in dry mixed mortar in combination with his own mortar production technology for more than 20 years. More detailed data won bursts of applause from the participants

zhangjingyan, deputy chief engineer of Changzhou Academy of construction Sciences, made a more detailed analysis on the application of different types of machine-made sand in ready mixed mortar. It is a forerunner for mortar production enterprises to produce more refined products

wuzhengde, general manager of Nanfang road machinery solid waste business department, introduced the V7 sand making equipment and raw material treatment process of Nanfang road machinery to the guests. The advanced production process of V7 sand making equipment and more solid waste treatment schemes attracted the attention of the participants

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