This is how the hottest paint is produced

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"Paint" is produced in this way? (picture and text)

"paint" is produced in this way? (picture and text)

September 30, 2004

recently, consumers have been complaining about problems in coatings. What about the quality of the coating? On September 18 and 20, he made an unannounced visit to XuXi village, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, where paint production is relatively concentrated

environmental friendly paint is produced in the garbage

this is the so-called "paint factory"

on September 18, people came to XuXi village under the guidance of people

in the north not far from XuXi school, there is a large dilapidated yard. The outside of the yard is full of garbage. Under the sun, the garbage emits a pungent sour smell. The side of the garbage is full of weeds. There are several bungalows deep in the weeds. Beside the bungalows, there are many empty paint buckets. The informant told me that it was Taiyuan * * paint factory

when a group of three people came in, the hostess asked, "where are you from?"

"this is my relative who bought a new house on Wucheng road. I'll show them your paint." The informant said

"what is the area?" The host's doubts disappeared and showed his unique enthusiasm

"it covers an area of more than 500 square meters." Answer

"the area covered by the coating is about 2000 square meters." Seeing that the amount needed was large, the host said, "the quality here is no problem. You use our paint in Wucheng and Qinxian."

"shall I have a look?"


the master took him to the production workshop. It's a workshop. In fact, there are only a few square meters. A machine is in production. The ground and walls are full of dust and sundries. Although the production of coatings can not be compared with the production of food, the poor environment is really unbearable. If you are not immersive, it is difficult to make people believe that the white, fine and smooth paint is actually produced in this environment

"are you producing environmentally friendly coatings?"

"it is an environmentally friendly coating."

"what products do you have here?"

"porcelain like coating, angel mirror king, Changfeng mirror king."

"can you explain the price in detail?"

"the price of porcelain like coating is 15 yuan for each 18 kg bag; the price of angel mirror king is 15 yuan for each 14 kg bag; and the price of Changfeng mirror king is 20 yuan for each 13 kg bag. All these are factory prices."

I came out of the office and found a machine producing paint in the next room

"is this yours, too?"

"it belongs to my family." The host replied

but when I went in and asked, a middle-aged man who was giving birth said that they were two different things. The room was dirty and in a mess. Seeing this and that, the middle-aged man asked in turn, "why do you ask this?"

"we want to buy paint. We just looked at that one." After a little thought, he asked, "how much do you sell here?"

"how much is he there?" Taking out the note left by the family, the middle-aged man looked at it and said, "I'm not afraid of being cheated. In fact, everything there is the same, but the packaging is different. It's just a lie."

"do you have a business license?"


"why can't you see it?"

"at home."

the business license is not placed in the business place, but at home, which makes people doubt whether there is a business license

one enterprise and two manufacturers

in order to get a deeper inside story, on September 20, I walked into XuXi village again, took several turns along a narrow lane, and found a place to make paint in the depths of a dirty and disordered yard. It is not so much a factory as a small workshop. Some of the main houses, East houses and West houses have collapsed and some are in bad condition, as if no one had lived in them for many years. In the main room, two young people have just finished production. Their clothes are covered with sprayed paint. On the side next to the wall is the processed paint. The address written on it is the west side of Yingbin bridge, Jianshe North Road, Taiyuan. The name of the factory is Taiyuan Hongwei decorative paint factory. The brand is blue sky. "How much is this paint for a bag?" he asked as he bought the paint

"8-10 yuan for imitation porcelain." One of the older young men replied that it was obviously the boss

"we want to buy something reassuring. If it weren't for the introduction of our neighbors, we wouldn't come. Are you from Hebei?" Before I came, I made an investigation, "do you have a business license? I'm relieved to have a business license."

"let them take it today."

"have all the originals and copies been taken away?"

the boss was speechless for a while and seemed a little unnatural. In order to break the embarrassment between each other, I walked out of the yard and suddenly found a girl in the East Room nervously loading paint into the bag. Then I went in and saw that the address written on the bag was the west side of Taiyu Road, the name of the factory was Taiyuan Kangli paint factory, and the brand was bright. Q: "are you the one who produced these?"


"are the raw materials, processes and quality for production the same as those of energy enterprises second only to heavy industry?"


"why use two brands?"

the boss was speechless again, so he couldn't explain why. Finally, he replied, "you can use it anyway. I'll just get you a good one." It is conceivable that an enterprise produces products with two factory names and two addresses in one place

with formaldehyde in the glue

came out of this paint factory and went to another paint production enterprise in the east of XuXi village, which was also opened in the south house where Hebei people rented XuXi village houses. It seems that this one is better than the previous ones in terms of environmental sanitation. A 30-year-old woman in the hospital is making rubber in a steam stove converted from a gasoline barrel, and the air pipe is inserted into a large plastic barrel more than one meter high to make a gurgling sound

"is there any paint?" Ask

"yes". The woman at work looked back and said, "what kind of paint do you want?"

"I have built a new house and want to decorate it. I don't know what kind of paint to use. I heard that the paint you made is very good. The elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is usually between 50% and 100%. First, I want to see the paint. Second, I want you to calculate how much paint to use and what kind of paint to use?"

"such as fixture line, line, line of Tianhui and sans." The woman quickly put down her work and said, "then I'll let the father of the child calculate for you." As he spoke, he led him into the east room. A man in the room was sleeping. When he saw him coming in, he quickly got up and asked, "what size is it?"

"more than 500 square meters."

"that's not much. How are you going to apply it?"

"I don't know how to speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. I just want you to give me some advice."

"if the wall is light, use paint. If it is not light, use 107 glue and plaster to smooth it."

"instead of 107 glue, 108 glue is used now."

"I have everything you want to use, but 107 glue is better and more sticky than 108 glue."

"doesn't it contain formaldehyde? It's harmful to human body."

"it doesn't matter. It's dry." Seeing that he was speechless for a while, the man said, "a lot of paint has added formaldehyde, which makes it stick firmly."

"aren't you afraid of the relevant departments?"

"we have managed well. We have been running a paint factory here for more than ten years."

I was speechless when I saw it all the way

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