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On September 5, 2014 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum was held in Tianjin. Many auto industry experts and elite scholars gathered in Tianjin to carry out all-round exchanges and discussions around the annual theme of "deepening reform and auto power strategy" of d/a-digital quantity conversion. Based on the development of the whole automobile industry chain, the forum not only covers the industrial integration of the whole upstream and downstream industry chain of the automobile industry, but also involves the fields of brand and marketing. During the conference, the "Symposium on the application of automotive chemical materials" hosted by Sinopec played an important demonstration and promotion role in order to become an important exchange platform among the government, industry and enterprises, and to condense the whole industrial chain until the reduced aperture was focused on the same plane as the glass slide, so as to realize the in-depth discussion of industrial integration

at the Symposium on the application of automotive chemical materials, Sinopec took the innovation and application of automotive chemical materials as an example to explain the support provided by the petrochemical industry and the industry seeking solutions in various ways for the automotive industry, as well as the structural adjustment and technological upgrading direction of the two industries, in order to eliminate the application obstacles of new products and technologies. In terms of automobile lightweight and environmental protection, Sinopec has developed and produced a variety of resin products suitable for automobile interior and exterior decoration and functional parts, such as direct polymerization and production of polypropylene resin for automobile bumper, high flow and high impact polypropylene base resin, low VOC scratch resistant automobile polypropylene resin, polyethylene resin for plastic fuel tank of automobile and diesel vehicle, environment-friendly tire rubber, automobile non-woven fabric backing resin and other automobile synthetic materials. These series products with different characteristics have been widely used in China's automobile industry, and have been highly praised in the industry

not only that, the petrochemical industry provides products and services for many links of the automobile industry chain. According to estimates, petrochemical products account for about one fifth of the weight of the whole automobile, and petroleum fuel is still the main source of automobile power at present. It can be seen that the correlation between the two industries is very high, and there are broad cooperation prospects in energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy development and new material application. At the same time with the development of automobile society, Sinopec has continuously strengthened its own technology and R & D innovation in terms of fuel oil, lubricating oil, rubber, resin, synthetic fiber and other automotive petrochemical products. At the same time, it has conducted research on market and marketing strategies to provide information resource support and decision-making reference for the development, technology upgrading, brand building and market promotion of automotive chemical products, Provide more specialized products and personal services around automobile manufacturers. In this regard, Sinopec and the automotive industry have rich cooperation practices in the field of fuel oil and lubricating oil; In recent years, the "integration" of cooperation with the automotive industry chain in the field of synthetic resin, synthetic rubber and other chemical synthetic materials has also become increasingly in-depth; In 2013, Sinopec Chemical sales company signed automobile resin cooperation agreements with Dongfeng Nissan, Jinfa technology, etc., creating a new mechanism for tripartite cooperation in the petrochemical, automotive and modified industrial chain, and promoting the common development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial value chain

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