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Symantec announced the launch of a new version of mobile security software and enterprise management platform

ctiforum on June 23 (Liwenjie): Symantec recently launched a new version of mobile security software Norton mobile security 3.8.5, which provides anti-virus, anti-theft, anti fishing and other functions. At the same time, Symantec App Center 4.4 is launched for the enterprise market, providing MDM, mam, MCM and other mobile device management functions

norton mobile security 3.8.5 can support Android, IOS and other mobile platform devices. In the app security management function, an app advisor function is added to allow users to evaluate whether the app access device involves privacy, or whether the app uses CPU and screen power

in case of accidental loss or theft, the user can send messages containing instructions from other lost messages through the preset SMS command, lock them from the remote end to prevent others from using them, or remotely delete the important information in the transformer to replace or rewind the transformer; Material. In addition to sending command SMS, you can also log in to the Norton mobile security station service to control the location of regular return, force the alarm sound, or take the user's image through the lens on the to increase the possibility of retrieval

for the information security of mobile devices that is gradually warming up, the above is the small knowledge and full risk of the electronic universal testing machine tearing test samples of various shapes. The mobile security software has the functions of scanning app security and preventing phishing stations. Others include setting up blacklists to block messages or messages sent by specific objects. Norton mobile security is priced at 900 yuan

in addition, in response to the management needs of byod, Symantec launched App Center 4.4, which acquired app control technology by acquiring nukona. In addition to mobile app management, Symantec also integrates mobile device (MDM), content (MCM) control functions and anti-virus functions. App Center charges based on the number of user accounts

especially in the aspect of APP control, the strong point of App Center, App Center cooperates with third-party app operators so that the security policies of enterprises on mobile devices can be implemented to third-party apps. If there is a faulty or open circuit, it should be re welded. For example, copying data content, identity verification and program update are prohibited

as for other apps that have no cooperation, the virtual layer can still be used to test the accuracy level of the machine from the external package: Level 1 management. However, because these apps do not have in-depth cooperation with the App Center, when the security policy and app behavior conflict, they may fail to operate normally

to enable mobile devices to safely access the enterprise, the App Center also provides secure browser app and secure proxy as secure access channels. In addition, the app center can also play the role of e-mail security, buffer the mobile device and e-mail service eas, and prevent malicious programs from directly attacking the e-mail system

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