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Synergychem group, a provider of cable polymer materials solutions, went to Hong Kong for IPO

gelonghui learned that on September 7, synergychem Group Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "synergychem group" or "group") submitted a listing application to the main board of the stock exchange, with Fuqiang financial capital as the exclusive sponsor

the group is classified according to the position of oil cylinder: oil cylinder top mounted and oil cylinder bottom mounted experimental machines; A leading provider of polymer solutions for cables in Singapore and Malaysia. According to the report of frost Sullivan, in 2017, based on revenue calculation, the group was the third largest halogen-free flame retardant polymer composite solution provider in Southeast Asia. The company specializes in developing and providing customized cable polymer material solutions (including supply products) for cable manufacturers (mainly located in Southeast Asia)

synergychem group is mainly engaged in providing solutions for cable polymer materials, including preliminary discussions with customers, cooperation with composite manufacturers, testing and certification, and supply of cable polymer materials, including two categories of cable polymer materials: halogen-free flame retardant polymer composites and non halogen-free flame retardant polymer composites; And functional additives

the group's customers include cable manufacturers in Southeast Asia, and also supply products to customers in the Middle East, Europe and other regions. Most of the customers' business is to supply special cables to various construction and infrastructure projects in the transportation, residential and commercial buildings, oil and natural gas industries

it is worth noting that the universal testing machine is mainly used for automobile parts: rubber products on automobiles, which means that as of October 31, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the seven months as of May 31, 2018, the revenue earned from the five major customers was 7million euros, 8.6 million euros, 7.4 million euros and 4.1 million euros respectively, accounting for about 62.0%, 70.9%, 69.0% and 72.3% of the total revenue respectively, In the same period, the income earned from a single largest customer was 1.8 million euros, 3.3 million euros, 2million euros and 1.7 million euros, accounting for 16.3%, 27.5%, 19.0% and 29.7% of the total income respectively. The five largest customers during the track record period are all independent third parties. The configuration of the dual system and the simple mouse operation can make all work orderly and flexible. It also improves the effectiveness and quality safety. In terms of financial data of previous periods, as of October 31, 2015, 2016 and 2017 and the seven months ended May 31, 2018, the revenue of synergychem group was 11.191 million euros, 12.1033 million euros, 10.733 million euros and 5.68 million euros respectively; The gross profit is 4.952 million euros, 5.076 million euros, 4.998 million euros and 2.351 million euros respectively; The net profit was 3.994 million euros, 3.754 million euros, 3.653 million euros and 756 million euros respectively

it is estimated that the net financing amount is about 12.4 million euros, which is intended to be used for the following purposes: first, to enhance the popularity of the group in Southeast Asia; Second, it is used to expand the business of sharing bicycles across major urban groups to China at a very fast speed; Third, it is used to strengthen and consolidate the group's business processes and cable polymer material solutions; Fourth, for investment, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures or strategic cooperation; The rest is used for working capital

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