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Moxa products in the environmental protection monitoring system

at present, the topic of environmental protection has aroused widespread consensus all over the world. Since China's reform and opening-up, the economy has developed rapidly, and the government has begun to guide product manufacturers to carry out environmental protection transformation since 2017. In China's five-year plan, environmental protection has also been listed as a very important topic. Another important problem is that China needs to provide a large number of pure water sources for many residents

based on the demand for 500 ton, 800 ton and 1200 ton all over the ground cranes, the sewage treatment market will have a great growth in the future. Therefore, moxa has established a long-term cooperative relationship with monitoring instrument manufacturers, groundwater treatment manufacturers, and environmental monitoring and control center

environmental monitoring equipment includes air and water quality monitoring. Typical air quality monitoring is used to monitor the pollution in the air. The main test items of water quality monitoring are: tensile, zigzag, contraction, shearing, stripping and other experimental products, which break the pattern of long-term monopoly of foreign competitors. PH control is commonly used to monitor the content of chemical pollutants in the water (e.g. chlorine and fluoride)

moxa provides 4-port (cp-104ul V2) and 8-port (cp-168u V2, cp-118u) multi serial port cards to connect various environmental monitoring equipment. The multi serial port card is used to receive the data sent by the monitoring equipment and transmit the data to the monitoring equipment. An industrial PC is used for pre analysis and processing. For two stations with a long distance, if it is impossible to establish a network connection, modems or GPRS devices become a good choice. With them, it is convenient to establish an environmental monitoring system and complete the purpose of comprehensive data management. In this way, a real-time and efficient data transmission system can be established

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