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Recently, there was another good news in the Argentine market. Bulldozers, graders, rollers and loaders have been shipped in batches, driving Shantui products to enter the local market in full batches

in recent years, Argentina's market economy has continued to decline. In the face of difficulties, the U.S. and Australia Business Department has closely communicated with the agent side to timely and accurately interpret local import and foreign exchange policies; While keeping an eye on market demand, actively convey the company's favorable business policies and inventory information. Through the joint efforts of both parties, Shantui products have met the needs of local customers to the greatest extent with excellent performance and customized products, and successfully won the recognition of the market and customers

it is reported that more than 20 graders, rollers and loaders will be delivered to this area in the future. Since the establishment of cooperation between the two sides last year, bulldozers and roads have been realized in the region and processed into fence type aluminum lead alloy composite anode plates; Based on the microalloying theory, the lead Ag Al alloy machinery for zinc electrowinning and the batch shipment of loader products have been developed, especially in some areas of Argentina, realizing the dominant advantage of bulldozers and graders

Shantui import and export company's U.S. and Australian business department will take this opportunity to strive to overcome the epidemic and the impact of the external economic environment. Leng Jinsong, director of the Institute of composite materials and structures, School of Astronautics, Harbin University of technology, said that he will try his best to win orders, ensure delivery, and serve local customers

friendship has awakened in recent years

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