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Deal with "high load environment" and use mountain push equipment

deal with "high load environment" and use mountain push equipment

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Guodian Yuci thermal power company is responsible for the winter heating of all residential areas in Yuci district. Entering the heating season, "any mistakes that affect residents' heating are political." Mr. Liu, head of the equipment management department of the thermal power plant, said that in the past two years, with the continuous acceleration of the national rural urbanization construction, the production capacity of Yuci thermal power plant has increased year by year, and the demand for equipment has also increased. At the same time, with the continuous strengthening of national environmental protection policies, some old equipment of thermal power plants have also entered the renewal and replacement period. During the maintenance period before the heating season in 2018, the power plant replaced the operating equipment in the stock room, "two equipment, a bulldozer and a loader, are all Shantui brands."

Mr. Liu told us, "now this round of correction is really a fundamental recovery or a short-term repair of steel. It is still to be verified by the market. In the material preparation room in the factory, the two main operating equipment, bulldozer and loader, are all Shantui brands, none of them." The reason why we chose this way, he said, is that since we first used Shantui bulldozer, our cooperation with Shantui has been very happy for more than 10 years. The quality, failure rate, service, etc. of Shantui equipment itself have been unanimously recognized by us in use. In addition, the unified brand of operation equipment is convenient for management and cost saving, especially in terms of accessories, which can be purchased in a unified way. "Therefore, based on the happy cooperation with Shantui brand for many years, we decided to continue to buy Shantui brand equipment."

Mr. Liu said that in the material preparation room of the thermal power plant, in addition to cinders, there is a lot of ash and dust, especially in the heating season. From October of the previous year to April of the next year, it has entered the tense operation period of continuous rotation. If it is not cleaned for two days, the air filter will be blocked, and the environment is very poor. Entering the heating season means that the operation is not allowed to stop, even for an hour. Therefore, the most basic requirement for the operation equipment is, "the failure rate is low; if there is a failure, the equipment can resume operation in the shortest time in order to build a high-end platform." Said that for so many years, Shantui's equipment can completely withstand the continuous, high-intensity and high-load operation of nearly six months a year

"the bulldozer of Shantui is really very good." The good of Shantui brand equipment is not only reflected in its use. He said that for so many years, such a large work, and judging from the current volume of business, the service time of each purchased Shantui bulldozer is about 8 years, and it will enter the next round of renewal and replacement. "There are several equipment that have been working for more than 10 years, and are still in use."

after using Shantui brand equipment for so many years, the use effect is very good, and the after-sales service is also awesome. There has never been a phenomenon that heating is affected by equipment failure, starting from small things. "So we are more confident about Shantui brand." Based on this, "our thermal power plant will gradually unify the brands of equipment in use, and Shantui is the brand we recognize." Mr. Liu said

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