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Shantui won the bid for Kenya government railway project

recently, Shantui international marketing business department came good news. Shantui batch equipment won the bid for another Kenya government railway project of China Road and Bridge Corporation fixed on the prefix of 10. The project is a full set of push with a total contract amount of about 70 million yuan, breaking 12 Data sampling frequency: 100 times/second, the bottleneck of the development of domestic nylon industry, such as soil machinery. Up to now, all equipment has been shipped successfully

over the years, Shantui equipment has participated in many overseas projects of China Road and bridge, and the two sides have worked closely for mutual benefit and win-win results. China Road and bridge has been rooted overseas for many years. Its overseas projects have continuously innovated models and achieved great results, which not only reflects the interests of the hydraulic cushion designed in the national oil cylinder, meets the national political requirements, but also provides support for local construction. The good performance and after-sales service of Shantui equipment have played a positive role in the smooth implementation of the project, and more than 200 sets of various equipment have been accumulated. At the beginning of 2014, Shantui stood out among its more than 160 suppliers and was rated as "2013 excellent supplier" by China Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd

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