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You are invited to visit the center control booth of Zhejiang University during the 17th multinational Instrument Exhibition. The 17th multinational Instrument Exhibition will be opened in Beijing from September 13 to 16, 2006. Due to the strain gauge pasted on the surface of the elastic element to grasp the good opportunity of this communication with users, the center control of Zhejiang University will grandly participate in the exhibition, focusing on showing users the overall solution of inplant factory automation and industry solutions for all industries of process industry, It reflects the comprehensive solution ability of Zhejiang University central control in process industry automation. The industry solutions displayed by Zheda central control involve nearly ten industries, such as petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, papermaking, beer, etc. a number of distinctive and typical application cases of the project will be displayed for you, showing the accumulation of Zheda central control's in-depth industry hard work over the years. Senior industry engineers from Zhejiang University central control are looking forward to exploring with you. Special attention is to discuss how to improve the connection fastness between ink and substrate and improve the printing speed. This move urges everyone to jointly develop the comprehensive automation level of the two-way interface industry, and listen to your voice

in the process of product innovation, Zheda central control continues to accelerate the pace, optimize product design, improve product performance, and make products more responsive to user needs. At this exhibition, Zheda central control will take you to experience our development in the line of high-quality products

at the exhibition site, Zhejiang University central control also arranged a number of technical lectures, during which colorful interactive programs will be interspersed. I hope you can gain in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere

Zhejiang University central control is looking forward to your visit

on site technical exchange meeting

time: September 13-16

place: 8b011

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prize winning interaction

note: the specific time may be adjusted according to the actual situation of the exhibition

please inquire about the details of the exhibition: Mr. Wang

Zheda central control booth No.: 8b011

exhibition location: China International Exhibition Center Address: No. 6, North Third Ring East Road, Beijing

bus line: change from subway Dongzhimen station to No. 18 bus

bus: 18, 300, 302, 317, 402, 403

exhibition time: September 13-16, 2006

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