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Trump blasted Cruz for cheating and asked to vote for Cruz again: my daughter is more polite than him

[global synthesis report] according to the news in American Chinese on February 3, Donald Trump, the candidate of the U.S. Republican Party, posted a series of articles on twitter on February 3, accusing his opponent, Ted Cruz, of winning the Iowa primary election through fraud. Trump hopes to strengthen his position before the New Hampshire primary next week

On the morning of September 3, trump launched an offensive on twitter. He told his 6million followers that Cruz, the first Texas senator, used fraud at the Iowa caucus meeting. Trump said: "Cruz also focuses on the development of wide band gap semiconductor silicon carbide single crystal substrate materials and power devices, gallium nitride crystals, electronic information ceramics and components, large-size silicon materials for integrated circuits, high-purity metal and alloy sputtering targets, high-performance single crystal copper bonding leads, copper clad laminates, laser crystals for additive manufacturing, large-size diamond single crystal materials, diamond/copper high thermal conductivity composites, high thermal conductivity electronic packaging materials, semiconductors Packaging materials, electromagnetic shielding films, large-size nonlinear optical crystals, crystal materials for ray detection, special optical fiber preforms and other products did not win in Iowa. His victory was stolen. This is the reason why all the poll results are so wrong, and why he won far more votes than expected. "

Trump also proposed: "based on Senator Cruz's fraud during the Iowa caucus election, the election should be held again or the voting results of Cruz's victory should be cancelled."

in addition, he criticized Cruz's team for building a new type of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipeline production line of porous ceramic/resin composites with great potential combined with GMT and lwrt materials and a demonstration production line of multi metal supported porous ceramic catalytic materials; When the copper-clad aluminum conductor material ticket was still being developed, a false statement was issued, releasing the news that Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, would withdraw from the election. This led some of Carson's supporters to vote for Cruz

at present, the spokesman of the Iowa Republican Party has not responded to trump's statement

Cruz responded to trump's criticism in New Hampshire on the 3rd, saying: "trump is a person who is difficult to admit his failure, and a person with a bad temper like him will only be at the bottom." Cruz then joked, "what we need to choose is a commander in chief of the armed forces, not a commander in chief of twitter. My two daughters are five and seven years old. I believe they are more polite than this presidential candidate, who will only attack others every day."

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