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On May 25, the three-day 19th China (Jinan) international public security products and Police Equipment Expo came to a perfect conclusion. Zhike communication made its debut with the latest SIP converged communication solution and its products

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Zhike communication, founded in 2010, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of IP voice communication equipment. In this exhibition, Zhike communication focused on 12 software and hardware products, including IP-PBX coovox series, call center coocenter series, SIP converged communication system, SIP converged communication control platform, SIP converged communication control app, SC15 networking sound box, SW15 networking wall mounted sound box, SH30 networking horn horn, ia03 SIP security intercom, iv03 SIP security visual intercom, X10 SIP broadcast gate X30 SIP broadcast off, etc.

exhibition Review

Zhike SIP converged communication solution is a set of basic application solutions for Converged Communication Based on SIP, streaming media, mqtt IOT protocol and other technologies, providing audio and video converged communication functions including broadcast, intercom, and video linkage. Among them, SIP protocol is used to provide all terminal registration, call broadcasting, intercom, sip or IMS external lines and office functions, and the real plastic granulator operation covers an extremely wide range of fields. Streaming media protocol is used for streaming media background music, such as Boeing B787 and Airbus A350XWB. More than 50% of the fuselage is made of carbon fiber composites, and the realization of timed broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, trigger broadcasting and other services. Mqtt IOT protocol is used to realize the unified and centralized management function of all IP voice terminal devices

this is the first time that Zhike communication will bring the latest solution SIP converged communication to the public in 2020. While everything recovers after the epidemic, the first seed of 2020 will be sown. Zeng Wei, the sales director, said:

I have been in Zhike for seven years. Although this epidemic is the most difficult time, we all stick to our posts and overcome difficulties with actions to ensure that new products are continuously improved and business development is not slackened during the epidemic. Once the epidemic is completely over, the temporarily stagnant business demand is bound to show explosive growth. We can't relax "In order to meet the strict performance requirements of the aerospace industry.

this upward positive energy, this spirit of regardless of personal gains and losses, is the true entrepreneurial spirit. Adhering to the original intention of entrepreneurship is adhering to the mission. The mission must be to solve other people's problems, not to solve their own problems. With the increasing variety of experimental materials and experimental methods, solving other people's problems is altruistic and the foundation of business Quality is not exchange, but altruism. It must be on the basis of altruism to produce the demand for exchange

we are also increasingly convinced that in this era, it is not playing with concepts or PPT, but competition of efficiency products

next, we will try our best to provide services to customers as a product and solution provider

when we see more and more customers using our products and solutions

at that moment, we won time

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