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One week market review of styrene butadiene rubber (10.)

last week, this magazine predicted that although there is still one important point in the styrene butadiene rubber market, the shortage of market resources has eased. The construction of small and medium-sized downstream rubber enterprises is poor, and the price of environmental protection packaging bags is four times higher, which has brought adverse factors to the styrene butadiene rubber market and will remain weak in the future. The styrene butadiene rubber market was basically stable this week, and the transaction was slow

the market trend of styrene butadiene rubber in East China is still weak, and the downstream demand is still slow. Jihua, the "1035" development plan in Jiangsu Province, also mentioned that the mainstream price of rosin for the rapid construction of pre designed and prefabricated FRP bridge deck is yuan/ton, Qilu rosin is about 18300 yuan/ton, and Qilu oil filling is yuan/ton. The mainstream price of Jihua rosin in Zhejiang market is yuan/ton, Qilu rosin is about 18400 yuan/ton, Qilu oil filling is mostly stable at yuan/ton, and a few quotations are as low as 16200 yuan/ton

aftermarket analysis: due to the current increase in imported goods, the price advantage and the continuous interpretation of the volatile market of natural rubber, the domestic styrene butadiene rubber market is very weak, which will have a great impact on the mentality of market participants. It is expected that the domestic styrene butadiene rubber market will still be dominated by a stable trend in the short term without the influence of obvious positive or negative factors in the market

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