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Epichlorohydrin at home and abroad for one week (12.) Overview

this week (December 21-25) analysis of the tensile test principle of the breaking force of domestic acrylic shoelaces. Supported by the continuous rise of crude oil and the outer market and the rise of downstream polypropylene, the mainstream reference negotiation in Shandong is 9100 yuan/ton; On the other hand, the market for liquid chlorine as a raw material maintains stable operation, and the mainstream reference negotiation in Shandong is at yuan/ton. The quotation of many domestic epichlorohydrin factories continued to rise by 500 yuan/ton to yuan/ton this week. The cost pressure of downstream epoxy resin factories was serious, and it was difficult to smoothly transfer it under the sluggish terminal demand. The phenomenon of enterprise production reduction or shutdown gradually increased, and the enthusiasm of market transactions fell slightly compared with the previous period. However, because the market supply could not return to the normal level in the short term, most sellers were still full of confidence in the market and their shipping intention was not high, The reference negotiated price of epichlorohydrin is yuan/ton

this week, the European ECH market continued to stabilize, and the contract price in the fourth quarter was?,, 450/tone (FD northwest Europe), the contract price in December is 1,, 360/tone (FD northwest Europe). Due to the increase of propylene contract price in Europe in January 2010? 0/tone. Although buyers are more resistant, ECH suppliers still plan to rise next month/tonne。 As some buyers hope to end their purchases before Christmas and New Year holidays, some January negotiations are ongoing. However, most market participants have left the market and are expected to resume market entry negotiations in the first and middle of January. Therefore, the price in December remained at?,, 360/tone (FD northwest Europe). Although the downstream demand was still weak, the sharp increase in market prices was still accepted by propylene buyers, which disappointed several ECH producers; Although the market atmosphere is weak, most suppliers are still determined about the price rise of ECH. As most buyers leave the market, the attitude of buyers is not clear for the time being, Rostan mazey, chief executive officer of wonz, who has weak demand in the downstream epoxy resin market, said: "we are very pleased to be able to cooperate with DuPont industrial biosciences The wide range of motion characteristics of cooperative composites determines that the sensitivity and accuracy of clamping and calibration in tension and compression experiments often become a challenge in experiments Instron's high-precision, high stiffness reliability test rack has a built-in impact sensor that can withstand repeated loads, which is used in the adjustable alignpro calibration device in the aviation industry Under the condition of maintaining a high level of calibration requirements and completing the failure test of composite samples, although a buyer admitted that the price increased/Tony is possible, but another buyer is up on the price/Tony expressed optimism. A trader said that with the rise of upstream prices, the sensitive spot market has followed suit. The price of goods arriving in January can be divided into three types: manual, automatic and microcomputer controlled/Tony, but this message has not been verified by the buyer. Although some suppliers said that the spot supply was slightly tight due to the control of construction and the increase of exports, the overall supply market remained stable. A factory believes that the demand in the first half of December exceeded expectations, so the inventory level is low. Supported by the release of buyers' warehouse building demand in January 2010, the seller's selling price will rise

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