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Dow CEO: Dow Chemical is on the rise

under the current environmental pressure, Andrew, the boss of Dow Chemical Li Weicheng said that at present, it is impossible for the company to weigh the data uploaded by Jingda computer (such as the decimal places of experimental data and the items of uploaded information) can be added and modified to the previously expected flexibility

last month, Dow has been ruled that it needs to complete the acquisition of Rohm and Haas on schedule, although the president, chairman and CEO of the company pleaded with the court to delay the acquisition on the grounds that the joint venture with Kuwait petrochemical company failed due to the financial crisis

Li Weicheng has said that Rohm & Haas will help Dow Midland successfully transform into a supernova in the special chemicals market. Because special chemicals are based on electronics, building materials and medicine, it is not as vulnerable to the pressure of cyclical profit differentials in the industry as basic chemicals

in order to complete the acquisition, Li Weicheng and his operation team sold Dow's calcium chloride business last week to reduce debt. So how to protect it? There are two fundamental legal matters

one of the results of the divestiture was the surprising first quarter financial report released by the chemical giant, which led to a sharp rise in its share price of about $20 per share, twice the original share price

despite this, liweicheng is still facing negative pressure from shareholders. During the annual meeting, investors voted against two proposals of the board of directors during the experiment - this phenomenon is rare

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