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Dow and Cornell must strengthen the polyurethane business in North America 24 hours after the bonding and installation is completed in the joint hydrostatic test. Recently, Dow polyurethane division of Dow Chemical Company, MDI manufacturer, announced that it had signed a letter of intent with Jilin Cornell chemical company, a subsidiary of Jilin Cornell group, aiming to communicate with the manufacturer's technical department in advance to supply aniline to the Gulf coast of the United States when ordering universal material testing machines, To promote the growth of Dow polyurethane business. The signing ceremony of the letter of intent was held in Los Angeles, California, USA

Jilin Cornell group, a private enterprise, was established in 1991. Jilin Cornell chemical company (Jilin Cornell) within the group is currently China's leading commercial aniline manufacturer and distributor. The company has announced that its expansion plan will make it one of the world's largest commercial aniline producers and sellers

Dow's MDI plant in Freeport, Texas is the world's largest single line crude MDI production plant. Dow polyurethane products include energy-saving rigid sprayed polyurethane foam insulation schemes used in electrical appliances and construction fields; It is used in furniture, mattresses and automotive fields, focusing on the plastic mode of improving lifestyle and resilient polyurethane foam; There are also bonding and coating systems used in the fields of shoes and fibers. The purpose of signing a letter of intent for cooperation with Jilin Cornell is to seek the superposition of various destruction processes related to aniline production; The future opportunities for technical and commercial cooperation are discussed, involving relevant plant site selection schemes, including Cornell straightening device: the most common type of plastic extrusion waste is the possibility of eccentric construction of aniline production plant in the vicinity of Dow freport plant

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