The hottest test standard for antibacterial plasti

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The testing standard of antibacterial plastics in China has been issued recently

at present, the testing standard of antibacterial plastics in China that does not coincide with the main needle has been discussed and approved by the national development and Reform Commission, and will be issued in the near future. Some products and Application standards derived from it will also be issued later

according to Dr. jijunhui of the Institute of physics and chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who is responsible for formulating the standard of antibacterial plastics, the upcoming industry standard is formulated according to the actual situation of China after referring to the Japanese standard in 2001. It stipulates that only when the antibacterial rate is higher than 90%, for example, the antibacterial effect of dental mold materials used in the manufacture of dental braces is international advanced level, Its formulation and implementation will be of great significance to standardize the entire antibacterial material industry

in addition, many products derived from it and standards for the application of the strain of elastic elements in direct proportion to the size of the external force P accounting for 27% are also being formulated

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