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The inspection tool for film adhesion - paint film grid cutter (griddle knife)

use the blade of the griddle knife itself to cross cut the plastic, metal coating, coating surface coating, and then use the standard tape to cover the cutting surface and tear it off to judge the peeling condition of the coating surface. It is mainly about the square test of the adhesion of coating products, combined with the use of various test tapes, to comprehensively consider the energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, and to evaluate the bonding ability of the coating and coating on the substrate relative to the substrate


1mm 10 (11 blades)

2mm 10 (11 blades)

cutter head: four in one


1 Press the cutter head to scratch the test sample, scrape the surface coating (to the substrate) with the cutter head, and then make a 90 degree angle cross cutting to form a cross shaped cross grid

2 Use a small cleaning brush to gently sweep away the debris from a 45 degree angle

3 The tape pasting method is only applicable to hard surfaces: (the standard tape needs to be purchased separately)

● no matter what instrument it is, tear the standard tape up for two rounds, and discard it.

● tear the standard tape with a length of about 7.5 cm at a stable speed, stick it to the area that has just been cut alternately, gently press it with your fingers and paste it flat

● be stable and careful within 0.5~1 second, Tear up the adhesive tape at an angle of 60 degrees (the adhesive tape should stay on the surface of the sample for no more than five minutes)

● keep this section of adhesive, which contains unidirectional or non unidirectional reinforcing material tape (the coating debris on the surface of the sample may adhere to it), and you can stick it on a transparent film to save

4 Check the cross cut grid area and evaluate the adhesion of the coating surface. Please refer to the evaluation classification table described later

and move the supervision process forward to printing link 5 The same group of samples should be repeated at least three times in different parts

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