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Lighting show ④ Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting Society: lighting is not once and for all, we should dynamically adjust and cooperate with Dou Linping. The profit level of ordinary plastics in China is 1% ⑶% Secretary General of lighting society. At the same time, he also served as the chairman of the presidium of the semiconductor lighting technology evaluation alliance and the vice chairman of the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and Industry Alliance

on January 8, taking the cruise ship of Chongqing two rivers tour, Dou Linping was not only feeling the night scenery of Chongqing, but also giving advice on how to dress up the night scenery of Chongqing

the three-dimensional sense makes the night scenery of Chongqing more imaginative

"the biggest advantage of Chongqing is its geographical landform."

facing the night scenery of two rivers and four banks in Chongqing, Dou Linping first mentioned the most familiar side of this landscape city - mountains, water and bridges. In his view, it is the buildings scattered on the shore that have caused the failure of the fatigue testing machine, which gives Chongqing a unique advantage in creating night scenes

Dou Linping believes that Chongqing has a strong sense of three-dimensional, which is a good opportunity for lighting designers to show their skills

"Chongqing has more space to show the night of Chongqing, while most other cities are flat."

"how to present the night of mountain city to all citizens in a three-dimensional way to make major contributions to this utilization field through the interpretation of lights, so as to give full play to Chongqing's advantages, which is both an opportunity and a challenge."

lighting is not once and for all

over the years, the rapid development of Chongqing has attracted attention, and high-rise buildings have sprung up like mushrooms. They not only improve the height of the city, but also dress up the night scene of the city with landscape lighting

but in Dou Linping's view, Chongqing, which has many high-rise buildings, should make better use of its general linearity between plus and minus 1 joule, and present the night scene lighting from an overall perspective. "There should be an overall plan."

Dou Linping believes that the high-rise buildings in Chongqing now have their own characteristics. How to eliminate the differences in the appearance of these buildings and make the city at night more three-dimensional? This requires lighting designers and workers to make an overall consideration

"just now we saw the Raffles project. This building is very characteristic."

Dou Linping said that if this project is regarded as a landmark in the future, how to create light, we need not only focus on itself. In order to avoid appearing abrupt, the surrounding landscape lighting should be combined

nowadays, the landscape lighting around Raffles project has a certain expressiveness. After the completion of Raffles project, how to make them "compatible"

Dou Linping made a point, saying that "lighting is not once and for all". "For example, after a building is determined to become a landmark, in order to make the lights more coordinated, the lights of surrounding buildings need to be adjusted."

Dou Linping said that as mentioned above, there should be an overall plan on how to present the light. If the lighting of the Raffles project area is designed in the future, the overall design of this area is needed to achieve better presentation effect

led lighting technology needs further development

as the Secretary General of China Lighting society, Dou Linping said that in the application of urban landscape, China's development in the field of LED lighting is in the leading position in the world

"during the G20, BRICs summit and Shanghai Cooperation summit, they are all model projects with a large number of LED lighting applications." Dou Linping, through the demonstration effect of urban landscape lighting in international large-scale activities, has also attracted the attention of governments at all levels

Dou Linping introduced that led lighting has driven great development while making industrial progress, so that color changes and linkage can be displayed in front of people. He thinks. Nowadays, LED lighting is still in development and progress, and some special forms and techniques need to be further explored, especially in the field of control, so that light can be better combined with urban environment and architecture through the hands of lighting designers

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