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Texchem Malaysia expands its packaging business in China and Thailand

texchem Malaysia controls the flow of hydraulic oil into the cylinder. Texchem pack Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of resources (TRB), plans to use plastics to replace steel, glass In the fourth quarter of this year, after listing in Singapore, the company will invest RM24 million (about US $6.64 million) to expand its packaging business in China and Thailand

datuk seri Fumihiko Konishi, chairman and CEO of TRB, said that the expansion of the company was mainly in China and Thailand, because the customers in these two countries were in a growing momentum. He also said that the company's business in these two markets mainly focuses on providing high-quality packaging business for hard disk drives and semiconductor enterprises by using the technology of special-shaped extrusion and long-term mold thermoforming and injection molding to make our cooperation and friendship longer

Dejian currently has packaging plants in China, Thailand and Malaysia. At present, the packaging business accounts for 17% of the group's total revenue. Konishi hopes that the packaging business after the company's listing can bring 20% of the group's revenue

in addition, Konishi said that the group plans to open an office in Wuxi, China, directly under the Ministry of industry under the group. It is reported that the business income of this department accounts for 49% of the group's total income

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