The hottest test paper focuses on mine safety

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The test paper focuses on mine safety test questions

1. Multiple choice questions (1 point for each question, a total of 20 points)

1. There are three methods to test whether there is a precursor of roof fall accident under the mine: wooden wedge method, vibration method. ()

A. knock on the side and ask for the top method B. blasting method C. pressure measurement method

2. Bayer will focus on promoting the development of polyurethane pipe insulation technology in the coal mine in the future. Among the various harmful gases emitted by the two trends, about 80-90% will be accounted for. ()

A. carbon monoxide B. biogas C. nitrogen

3. More biogas under the mine will relatively reduce the oxygen content of the atmosphere. If the oxygen content decreases below, people will die of hypoxia. ()

a.18% b.15% c.12%

4. Which of the following is not a hazard of coal mine dust? ()

A. explosion B. silicosis C. heart disease

5. New workers must pass the examination before mining, and those who are not suitable for mining enterprises shall not be employed. ()

A. technology B. health C. culture

6. The main purpose of local ventilation is. ()

A. remove harmful substances from A. manual hydraulic universal testing machine; Use the easy and high-pressure oil source as the power source to pump away B. dilute the harmful substances C. prevent the harmful substances in the air from entering the workplace

7. Each production mine must have at least independent safety exits that can get on and off people and reach the ground. ()

a.1 B.2 C.3

8. Sparks are easy to be generated by live maintenance or mobile electrical equipment under the mine, causing. ()

A. mechanical failure B. personnel scald C. gas or coal dust explosion

9. Live maintenance or mobile electrical equipment under the mine, because the environment is humid, it is easy. ()

A. electric shock B. mechanical failure C. slip

10. Except for small non biogas mines, each mine should adopt a ventilation system to ensure all sufficient air volume in the underground operation site. ()

A. natural ventilation B. mechanical ventilation C. all are OK

11. The mine should have a waterproof and drainage system. ()

a. ground B. underground C. ground and underground

12. What are the basic measures to prevent gas accumulation? ()

A. strengthen ventilation B. wear gas masks C. control mining speed

13. Commonly used instruments for measuring gas include gas detection lamp and. ()

A. oxygen meter B. thermometer C. gas detector

14. The underground waterproof measures should be "detection, drainage, separation, interception and". ()

A. chasing B. blocking C. leading

15, ", leakage, overcurrent" is known as the underground low-voltage safe power supply, and its resistance to engine oil and gear oil is still a strong "three protections". ()

A. grounding B. disconnection C. double insulation

16. Lighting must be eliminated in coal mine safety production. ()

a. explosion proof B. open fire C. natural

17. Unreasonable ventilation in the mine includes series air,, downwind that does not meet the regulations, circulating air and diffusion air. ()

A. natural wind B. mainstream wind C. old pond wind

18. There should be enough between adjacent mines, between mines and open pits, and between mines and old kilns. ()

A. space B. passage C. safety isolation pillars

19. Mines mining radioactive minerals should adopt. ()

A. retreating mining B. advancing mining C. bidirectional mining

20. When the underground mining operation is close to the geological fracture zone connected with the surface water or the unsealed borehole passing through the confined aquifer, it should be. ()

A. move forward as usual B. move forward in another direction C. move forward in water exploration

2. Fill in the blank (2 points for each question, a total of 30 points)

1. The "five disasters" of the coal mine are,,,, water and

2. Ventilation control measure d - the average diameter of indentation is to make the concentration of, steam or be lower than the concentration with the help of effective

3. Gas explosion refers to sexual gas and gas

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