Dow Corning announced its 2010 leading quarterly s

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Dow Corning announced its 2010 leading quarterly sales and profits

Shanghai, China. On May 6, 2010 - Dow Corning recently announced its 2010 leading quarterly performance report. The company's leading quarterly comprehensive net income this year was 2. $18.3 billion, compared with $9.4 million in consolidated net income for the leading quarter of 2009. In addition, Dow Corning reported that the standard block used to calibrate the hardness tester in 2010 could not be used on both sides, leading to a quarterly adjusted net income of 1. US $72.6 billion, adjusted net income excluding tax benefits related to the US advanced energy production tax credit. The adjusted consolidated net income of the leading quarter in 2009 was $66.7 million. The company made corresponding adjustments according to the performance report of the restructuring fee in 2009

Dow Corning's sales in the leading quarter of 2010 was 13. US $500million, 10% higher than that in 2009. US $300million increased by 31%

in January this year, Dow Corning and hemlock semiconductor group each received a certain proportion of American advanced energy production tax credit. The tax credit is designed to support growing industries, such as solar technology, to help them reduce their investment in production projects and create more jobs for hundreds of years

J, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Dow Corning. Donald sheets said:

"Dow Corning's Silicone business is gradually recovering and is expected to reach the highest performance level before the global economic recession. We are encouraged by the rebound in demand in almost all industries and regions we provide services. Our customers are refocusing on the field of innovation and are looking for silicone products from Dow Corning and its xiameter? Brand to help them create differentiated high-value products."

"hemlock Semiconductor Group continues to maintain a strong momentum of development. We plan to launch new production capacity in the second quarter. The most important thing for the future manufacturing industry is to realize the efficient utilization of resources and energy and the expansion projects that minimize the damage to the ecological environment. From the leading quarterly performance reports, the solar energy and semiconductor industries are showing a growth trend."

"Dow Corning and hemlock semiconductor group are committed to making solar energy a globally available energy option. For this reason, the advanced energy production tax credit has provided strong support for our recent investment in solar material production and R & D activities."

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