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Ti launched a new simplelink wi

New simplelink (TM) Wi Fi series to clean the dust and debris in the electrical box. Using the built-in programmable MCU designed for IOT, ctiforum on June 18 (Yu Xin): a few days ago, Ti announced the launch of its new simplelink wi fi cc3100 and cc3200 platforms for IOT applications. Among ti's many new, simple, low-power, simplelink wireless connection solutions for IOT applications, the simplelink Wi Fi series is the first to be launched. This new on-chip interconnection series makes it easy for customers to directly replace the existing plywood in the market and add embedded Wi Fi and interconnection functions to many household, industrial and consumer electronic products. The sepiolite is a hydrated magnesium silicate with the following characteristics:

the lowest power consumption in the industry (applicable to battery powered devices), as well as low-power RF and advanced low-power mode

with a high degree of flexibility, you can use any microcontroller (MCU) with the cc3100 solution, or take advantage of the integrated programmable arm cortex-m4 MCU of cc3200, thereby allowing customers to add their unique code

simple development for IOT can be achieved by using fast connection, cloud support and on-chip Wi Fi, interconnection and robust security protocols, without previous experience in developing connected products

be able to use a certain or tablet application or a web browser with a variety of configuration options (including smartconfig technology, WPS and AP modes) to simply and securely connect its devices to Wi Fi.

Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of its new simplelink Wi Fi cc3100 and cc3200 platforms for IOT applications

cc3100 and cc3200 adopt QFN packaging and have fully formed RF and analog functional circuits, which allows developers to create a low-cost, compact and easy-to-use system by directly laying devices on PCB. Simplelink Wi Fi series has cloud connectivity support capabilities through ti's IOT cloud ecosystem members. In addition, Ti also provides various suites and software tools, a certified Ti module (to be launched soon), reference designs, sample applications, development documents, and Ti E2E community support

with its low-cost launchpad Evaluation Kit and the MCU ecosystem of boosterpack plug-in modules, Ti provides developers with a simple way to design and evaluate Wi Fi and Internet applications:

start development work with TI's simplelink Wi Fi cc3200 solution and the first wireless launchpad Evaluation Kit

simplelink Wi Fi cc3100 boosterpack and advanced simulation boosterpack are combined to enable customers to connect to any MCU, including ultra-low power MSP430 launchpad

if the customer has not selected a MCU or wants to start the development work quickly, they can use a PC and cc3100 boosterpack as well as the advanced simulation boosterpack using simplelink studio to start software development

for more information on the features and advantages of simplelink Wi Fi cc3100 and cc3200 platforms, please read this blog post


simplelink Wi Fi cc3100 and cc3200 solutions can now be purchased through Ti store and Ti authorized distributors, Including:

cc3200 launchpad

cc3100 boosterpack + cc31xxemuboost + msp-exp430f5529lp binding supply

cc3100boost + cc31xxemuboost binding supply

cc3100 and cc3200 mass production devices can be developed into combustion products, smoke density small parts will be supplied in July, and will become an integral part of Ti sample plan



cc3100 and cc3200 modules will be available in the third quarter

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