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China's testing standards for degradable materials will be issued one after another

in agriculture, the seedling bowl that is planted with seedlings into the soil will slowly split and even disappear; In the field of medicine, surgical sutures and capsule skins of some drugs will gradually be absorbed by the patient's tissue cells without reprocessing. These seedling pots, sutures, and capsules are made of degradable materials

Weng Yunxuan, the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of plastic products, told that in the future, more dynamic degradation materials can be provided for China's lithium battery industry, mainly including photodegradation, biodegradation, photodegradation/biodegradation, and environmental degradable materials. When degradable materials are placed in the environment, under the action of light, water or other conditions, they will produce phenomena such as the decline of molecular weight and physical properties, and gradually be absorbed by the environment, so they are called "environment-friendly materials"

in recent years, the development level and production capacity of degradable materials in China have been significantly improved. At present, degradable materials have gone deep into agriculture, packaging, medicine and many other fields. However, due to certain objective reasons, the perfect national standards for degradable materials have not been issued, which has affected the development of degradable materials to a certain extent

recently, a working group on testing standards for biodegradable materials, jointly established by the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of plastic products, Tsinghua University, Tianjin Danhai, Shenzhen lvwei and other enterprises, was officially established. The working group plans to complete four testing method standards for biodegradable materials by the end of next year, These include: Determination of the behavior of plastics under the action of fungi and bacteria - by visual inspection method or evaluation method of measuring the change of quality or physical properties, determination of the biodegradability of plastic materials under aerobic conditions in aqueous culture medium - by measuring the oxygen consumption in sealed containers, determination of the biodegradability of plastic materials under aerobic conditions in aqueous culture medium - by analyzing the released carbon dioxide Determination of final aerobic biodegradability and disintegration of plastics under controlled composting conditions -- a method for analyzing the release of carbon dioxide

the formulation of the national standards for the test methods of these four biodegradable materials will provide a certain basis for the evaluation of the environmental absorption performance of some degradable material products, and make it easier for enterprises to control the degradation performance of degradable materials, especially biodegradable materials and their products. Later, the test methods and product standards of other projects will also be introduced one after another. At that time, China will be able to establish a perfect detection standard and evaluation system for degradable materials, and degradable material products are bound to get more rapid development

The four standards formulated this time are mainly aimed at biodegradable plastic materials and products. At present, degradable plastic products occupy an important position in the domestic degradable material products. The degradability of degradable plastic products will have a significant impact on the environment

Ms. Tang saizhen, President of the Degradable Plastics Research Association of the Chinese society of plastic engineering, said that the varieties of degradable plastics researched and developed in China include photodegradation, photodegradation/biodegradation, photodegradation/calcium carbonate degradation, photodegradation/oxygen/biodegradation (environmental degradation), complete biodegradation, destructive biodegradation and other plastics, as well as high filled calcium carbonate environmentally friendly materials. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 100 enterprises engaged in degradable plastics in China. The application fields mainly include agricultural, packaging and daily disposable consumer goods. The products developed mainly include mulching film, seedling bowl, fertilizer bag, compost bag, packaging film (bag), food bag, supermarket shopping bag, garbage bag, fast-food tableware, beverage cup, tablecloth, gloves, golf tee, etc. At present, degradable plastic mulch film is in the stage of demonstration application, disposable packaging materials and daily necessities are being orderly introduced to the market, and some masterbatches and products have entered the international market. Fully biodegradable plastic is in the pilot stage, and its products are actively exploring the market in medical materials, high-end packaging materials and dressings

according to the prediction of relevant departments, the demand for plastic packaging materials in China will reach 5million tons at the beginning of the 21st century. If 30% of them are disposable plastic packaging materials and products that are difficult to collect, the waste generation will reach 1.5 million tons; The area of mulching film in China is more than 500 million mu. At present, the coverage area is only about 30%. In addition, the demand for seedling pots and agricultural and sideline products fresh-keeping materials applied by impact testing machines in the automotive industry is expected to reach 1million tons; Some disposable daily necessities and medical materials are also difficult to collect or not suitable for recycling, and their demand is expected to reach 1million tons. Accordingly, the plastic waste that is difficult to recycle will reach 3.5 million tons. If 30% of them are replaced by degradable plastics, the demand for degradable plastics will reach 1.05 million tons, accounting for about 4% of the total output of plastic products in China. Therefore, degradable plastics have great domestic market potential in China, which will cause plastic deformation and serious valgus of the wedge-shaped mouth. At the same time, because the quality of China's degradable plastics products is guaranteed and the cost is relatively low, foreign manufacturers have come to China to negotiate trade and cooperation in recent two years, so China's degradable plastics also have great overseas market potential

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