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Detection service has become an emerging industry

with the rapid economic development and industrial upgrading of the Development Zone, the detection service industry is rising day by day, making the development zone industry continue to extend to both ends of the "smile curve". At present, more than 10 high-tech enterprises engaged in testing services have gathered in the development zone

it is reported that the testing service industry is an emerging industry that helps enterprises timely judge whether products meet quality specifications and standards, and improve product quality and competitiveness. At present, the development zone has gathered a number of productive service enterprises engaged in CMM, spectral analysis, PCB design verification and other businesses, including mania electronics and Shuangchen electronics, which mainly focus on PCB testing; Cheng Zhi electronics, which mainly tests notebook computers; Yite technology focusing on material analysis and testing; Taking CMM as the packaging data of waste foam granulator, in addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastic market for the increasing improvement of packaging quality and quantity, it is also the main maker of precision machinery and electronics; Zhitai optoelectronics, which mainly focuses on optical image detection; Shansi technology based on spectral analysis, etc. These enterprises sell products and provide services, and have formed a relatively complete testing service industrial chain in the development zone. Yite Technology (Kunshan) Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly provides analytical technology services for downstream manufacturers of electronic information industry in the semiconductor field, packaging modules and finished products. It is a service outsourcing enterprise introduced by the Development Zone earlier. The company's laboratory is called "e-doctor" by insiders, which tests products in the R & D stage and mass-produced products of electronic enterprises. At present, Yite technology provides professional testing services for international well-known enterprises such as del, 2.4 circuit thousand disturbance control Lenovo, HP, etc. The company is also recognized as a nationally recognized laboratory by the China Laboratory Accreditation Commission

in addition, these testing service enterprises also continue to expand their business scope, from providing verification and testing services to providing solutions and researching new processes and products, realizing the "smile curve" of the testing service industry extending from the bottom to both ends

Chuangjing Electromechanical Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., located in the overseas Chinese Pioneer Park, is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of coordinate measuring instruments with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, and integrating software, control, electronics, machinery and other technologies. Its performance and application technology have reached the international advanced level, and it is a high-tech product that replaces imported coordinate measuring instruments. In May, 2006, the company established three coordinate detection centers, which only measure the distance of the beam movement of the tension machine because the displacement measurement system of the machine itself has applied to the National Accreditation Administration for national laboratory certification. At present, the laboratory construction is in good condition, and more than 10 enterprises have entrusted Chuangjing company to conduct data measurement. After passing the national laboratory certification, it can provide market competitiveness for surrounding enterprises, and will further improve the standardized and stable CMM data measurement services, which will help further improve the manufacturing technology level in East China. In March last year, Chuangjing company also established a three-dimensional precision measurement instrument training base, which cooperates with the international standard research center of manufacturing technology of the Ministry of education, and plans to become a three-dimensional precision measurement instrument training base listed by the international standard research center of manufacturing technology of the Ministry of education. At present, the company has become an internship base for graduates from the College of mechanical and electrical engineering of Hubei Huangshi Institute of technology and Huangshi first technical school

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