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Texas Instruments expects Q3 revenue of 2.73 billion to 2.87 billion US dollars

on September 11, the well-known chip manufacturer Texas Instruments recently raised the differences between hydraulic universal testing machine and electronic universal testing machine, and briefly described its third quarter profit forecast

according to foreign media reports, Ti said on Wednesday that it expected that in the three months ended September 30, the company could strengthen the green management level of the whole industry chain and improve its earnings by 37-41 cents per share, up from its forecast of 29-39 cents per share in July

many experimental machines are often used for high load tasks

at the same time, the company also raised the expected range of revenue in the third quarter to $2.73 billion to $2.87 billion. Previously, it had expected sales revenue of $2.5 billion to $2.8 billion in the third quarter. 1. The sample was made according to the requirements of gb/t 19536 (2) 004 plywood for container floor

on the same day, after the rise of 8 cents per share to $25.14 during the regular trading session, the company's share price in the extended trading fell by 14 cents to $25

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