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Texprocess - Frankfurt International Textile and flexible material sewing equipment processing exhibition

the first texprocess exhibition of Frankfurt International Textile and flexible material sewing equipment processing exhibition will be held from May 24 to 27, 2011, and the prospect is promising. At present, 75% of the booths have been sold, and the related textile and flexible material sewing and processing exhibits cover a wide range

texprocess is an industry platform for many enterprises to release their innovative applications and high-tech solutions in the field of textile processing. Industry leading enterprises from manufacturing countries and regions such as Germany, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan will participate in this exhibition. Korean embroidery and sewing machine manufacturing company sunstar/swf, Italian cutting and gluing machine manufacturer Morgan Tecnica, Chinese sewing machine manufacturer New Jack and Zoje have all signed up for the exhibition

Mr. detlef Braun, a member of the board of directors of Messe Frankfurt, said: "The market response of this exhibition is very enthusiastic. At present, we still receive new registration information every day. This indicates that the mode and concept we adopt is appropriate. Internationalization, high-tech machinery and equipment, information technology, 'source it!' procurement platform, biennial exhibition cycle, and the holding of techtextil at the same time as the Frankfurt international industrial textiles and nonwovens Exhibition - these are all European The decisive factor behind the success of regional emerging leading exhibitions. Relying on the close relationship between texprocess and techtextil, visitors will usher in an unprecedented event of products and services. " In addition to presenting their products at texprocess, some sewing equipment manufacturers will also present their products at techtextil. These enterprises include groz beckert, kastilo Technische Gewebe, kuris spezialmaschinen, maschinenfabrik Herbert Meyer, reutex, robuso stahlwarenfabrik and other well-known manufacturers

texprocess exhibition is about to be held, and Messe Frankfurt has received the support of a number of powerful partners, including the clothing and Leather Technology Association of the German Federation of machinery and equipment manufacturers (VDMA). Other supplier support associations include China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA) and American garment machinery technology exhibition (spesa). The support associations of visitors are represented by germanfashion and dialog textile apparel (DTB). In addition, IAA, Euratex and IAF will also publicize the exhibition through their respective domestic member organizations

Mr. Elgar Straub, general manager of VDMA clothing and Leather Technology Association, stressed: "the response of texprocess shows that European clothing and textile processing enterprises urgently need a strong international leading industry exhibition, and the Frankfurt exhibition center with a focal depth of 20 kilometers is such an ideal platform."

Mr. Thomas Rasch, general manager of germanfashion, said: "As a representative of German fashion industry, we regard texprocess exhibition as a very useful opportunity. Here we will collect the latest information on innovative means and high-tech equipment in garment manufacturing and textile processing industry. We particularly appreciate the 'source it!' procurement platform, which will provide high-quality procurement solutions for the core areas of garment manufacturing."

from 2011, texprocess will be held every two years at the same time and place as techtextil. The exhibits will cover all links of the value chain, from tailoring to sewing, embroidery, seams, finishes, to information technology and finished product logistics. The international market leaders confirmed to participate in the exhibition include Amann shne, ASSYST, AE, AVM, barudan, brother, coats, D ü rkopp Adler, expert Systemtechnology, Gerber technologies, G ü Termann, human solutions, Hornung indupress, JUKI, KSL, Lectra, New Jack, Morgan Tecnica, Pegasus, Pfaff, PMF Fortuna, and ferd Schmetz, sunstar/swf, Tajima, topcut bullmer, Veit, C, Xi'an typicals, Yamato, Zoje and ZSK

texprocess exhibitors will show many trendy innovative applications, such as automation technology, improvement of equipment productivity and service life, affordability, traceability, energy saving, body scanning, etc. In addition to focusing on the optimization of production processes and products, how to use new means (through RFID Technology) to make the whole processing link more transparent to consumers will also be a focus of attention. At the same time, the innovation of processing methods of industrial textiles is also one of the important themes

from this point of view, the scope of exhibits covered by texprocess will be effectively supplemented by techtextil. Therefore, techt extil exhibition will be held simultaneously with texprocess from May 24 to 26, 2011. Visitors holding texprocess tickets can visit techtextil exhibition free of charge. Techtextil's exhibits cover fibers, yarns, non-woven fabrics, coated fabrics, composites, adhesives, etc., as well as functional textiles at the international innovative clothing and textile industry exhibition (avantex). Techtextil will close one day earlier than texprocess

“Source it!” The procurement platform is one of the highlights of texprocess, where international garment enterprises and personalized production institutions will display their products. Fashion brands have the opportunity to discover the purchasing situation of corresponding countries

texprocess's other projects in the same period include the "Innovation Award" and the texprocess lecture hall, which holds thematic lectures focusing on the future (the themes involve sustainability, traceability, society and other aspects) Network@Texprocess Information technology market, texprocess college and special training for young people who are interested in training and employment opportunities in the field of fashion. In addition, techtextil will also hold an international innovative clothing and textile Symposium (avantex Symposium), focusing on the innovation in the field of clothing and textiles. The soaking time is 1 hour

texprocess will be held in halls 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 of the Frankfurt Exhibition Center, and techtextil will be held in halls 3.0, 3.1 and 4.1. Texprocess will focus on garment manufacturing, sewing and processing of textiles and flexible materials, including automobile, aviation, filter, packaging, furniture, household clothes, outdoor, work clothes, protective clothing and other industries. Other professional visitors come from trade, handicraft industry, service industry, scientific research and training and other fields

for more information and the latest Exhibitor List of texprocess, please visit the station. The spot market price of imported ore is weak and stable; Some market prices in the main producing areas of domestic mines fell; Weak operation of billet market; Coke spot market is stable and strong; The marine market rebounded strongly


techtextil - Frankfurt international industrial textiles and nonwovens exhibition will be held simultaneously with texprocess from May 24 to 26, 2011. More than 1200 exhibitors from the world's top markets in 45 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition. As a global market frontier and procurement platform, users and manufacturers will tap unlimited potential here. In addition, an extensive conference forum will show the achievements of industrial innovation

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