Spotlight on Soller- The cracks are beginning to a

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Spotlight on Soller: The cracks are beginning to appear - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Our Soller politicians operate in uneasy co-operationThe first day of ActiveTO. If one or other of the independents vote another way the house of cards comes tumbling down. Two issues are the on the horizon today which is causing sleepless nights in the Town Hall and amazing interest from the rest of us. New readers need to know that car parking is a major issue here and a vote was lost last week as 1 ‘Indi’ voted against the proposals and 1 abstained for the Cetre Car Park. This week it is the turn of another car park to get centre stage.

This one has been on land in Gran Via rented to the Town Hall, by a local family. They are now proposing to build or create their own car park on this landThe end of this thing,. Any time soon it will not be leased to the Town Hall. Those days are almost over. It has to be said they also own a large chunk of the Gran Via on which they are building a hotel. This is said to include the current car park land.

So the crying into the milk is everywhere, with all blaming the otherThe spread of COVID-19., the car park destined to solve all problems will not now go ahead. Any day now the little one in Gran Via will be no longer. Once these major cracks appear we all know that other decisions held together with sticky tape are likely to unravelCanada,United States,U.S.,America,COVID-19,coronavirus,pandemic,Trump,vaccines,ITC1,KMI2,smg_canada,smg2_news,InHouseArticle_thestar. Let’s go down to sea for the next one making the politicos cry.

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