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In 2007, the distribution market can be said to be full of smoke and flames. Various types of distributors tried their best to launch a fierce competition in China's electronic manufacturing market. With the development of the industry, the distribution industry has gradually entered the era of low profit. How to improve the competitiveness and profit level has become a common problem faced by distributors

catalog distributors entered the Chinese market on a large scale

in 2007, international giants anfuli, iResearch and Fuchang continued to increase their investment in the Chinese market through their strong financial strength and supply chain management ability; Hong Kong and Taiwan distributors, such as the general assembly and Yideng, have also become mainstream distributors in the mainland market with their long-term efforts in the mainland market; Local distributors in the mainland, such as Shanghai Fengbao and CLP equipment, have accumulated a large number of customer resources and quickly become the leaders in the industry by virtue of their deep cultivation and localization in the professional field

in 2007, it is noteworthy that international catalog distributors have also made great achievements in the Chinese market. The design and R & D needs of Chinese engineers are becoming more and more diversified and complex, which requires suppliers to provide more selection and fast supply, which is what catalog distribution is good at. In March 2007, Perry announced in Shanghai that Premier Farnell group, which provides small batch and high-quality electronic components distribution services, will bring its new concept of "the fastest next day delivery" and "one-stop" electronic components procurement services to Chinese electronic design engineers. DigiKey, one of the largest international catalog distributors, has also vigorously promoted sales by establishing its own distribution channels in China. They all set their sights on China's small and medium-sized customers to meet their design, R & D needs and small batch procurement needs

consumer electronics and wireless communication are still hot spots

in 2007, the hot spots of the market focused on consumer electronics and wireless communication. LCDTV, single chip, digital photo frame, audio electronics and so on have become the keywords with high network search frequency. These fields have grown rapidly in 2007. Li Xin, application engineering manager of Yideng technology, said: "The shipment volume of related IC is growing rapidly. With the maturity and stability of MTK and Spreadtrum platforms and the increasing integration of chips, the design threshold of has become lower and lower. Thousands of design companies and integration companies have emerged in Shanghai and Shenzhen, especially around Shenzhen. A complete ecosystem has been formed. In this ecosystem, MTK platform and Spreadtrum platform occupy the main market share."

Liu Haidong, deputy general manager of Shanghai Fengbao electronics, said that automotive electronics is also a hot spot of 3ling f930 touch screen. The GPS market has developed continuously in 2007, which has also brought the integration of some industries

in 2008, they expect that consumer electronics and communication electronics will still be the hot spots in the market. At the same time, automotive electronics will also receive more and more attention. Li Xin said: "The wave of mergers and acquisitions of Companies in the IC industry in 2007 and the maturity of single-chip solutions will certainly breed a year when the market is hot and the manufacturers win or lose. The LCDTV market will also enter a whole period. The alliance has reported to the relevant departments the period of cooperation in Wuxi, Qingdao, Ningbo and Shenzhen. On the whole, due to the rapid changes in the market, the tasks undertaken by agents will be more challenging, with good physique, strong technical support ability and supply Stable agents can make product development and manufacturers worry free. "

industry division and system integration are challenges

although China's electronic manufacturing market is growing year by year, the number of distributors who usually take about 2ml samples on negatives is also increasing sharply. In the Chinese market, there are thousands of large and small distributors and various types of distributors who share the cake of the market. In this way, the distribution industry has entered the "era of low profits" in recent years, and the profit space is decreasing. China Electronic News interviewed several distributors who have begun to implement countermeasures on how to deal with the problem of thin profits

Liu Haidong, deputy general manager of Fengbao electronics, stressed: "the thickness of profits is not the key. The most important thing is that the upstream should choose good cooperative manufacturers and promote valuable product lines. The downstream should choose their familiar industries and customers. Being an expert should be an expert, not a simple logistics work, which will lose more added value of agents." Li Xin, the application engineering manager of Yideng technology, said: "system integration is the key. We have a special R & D team in our own field to support the development of customers, and we can provide customized services according to the needs of customers."

generally speaking, industrial division of labor and system integration have become major choices that distributors have to face. Competition is becoming more and more detailed, and the division of industries and fields will be a trend of market competition in the future. Fengbao's acquisition of the design company in 2007 and the integration of CLP equipment and Yideng in the product line are all attempts

Liu Haidong said: "the cooperation between agents and design companies is a trend, which will shorten the development of the industrial chain." Li Xin said: "Yideng's integration of products and LCD product line can help customers produce products required by the market in a short time and greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises." Wang Chuanjun, technical support manager of CLP equipment, concluded: "the competition between the whole industrial chain driven by complete machine enterprises will make the IC design and scheme providers in the upstream of the semiconductor industrial chain more targeted, the combination of upstream and downstream will be closer, the market and demand will be closer, and the special chips in the specific market will be popular."

the future Chinese market will definitely be a fierce battle area for semiconductor and solution suppliers. Electronic distributors should provide differentiated products and services tailored to customer needs to help manufacturers stand out in the fierce competition, which not only realizes the value of distributors, but also the mission of distributors


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