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Last week, some readers reported that expensive foreign brand speakers were found in several auto parts cities in Beijing, which were later found to be counterfeit. To this end, I specially interviewed senior car audio experts in the industry. It is reported that some international well-known brands are not sold in China, but they will advertise in some magazines. In this way, illegal manufacturers will hang the advertisement of this brand to sell dog meat and sell their products. For example, some European famous brand car audio is not sold in China, but it can be seen everywhere in the domestic market. The profit can reach more than three times, and the most expensive can reach more than 50000 yuan. Experts believe that the rapid development of China's car audio market and the localization of internationally famous products have given birth to the phenomenon that these domestic car audio products pretend to be foreign products. It is understood that not only the car stereo, but also the car wax and perfume are products that sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head. Why do domestic products like to wear dresses

automotive products that only identify foreign languages can be found everywhere in some auto parts cities


different people of the same kind of products at different prices

found in a large auto parts City: there are no Chinese marks on the outer packaging of a wide range of automotive beauty and decoration products, either in English, Japanese, German or Korean. In short, it is difficult to find Chinese characters on it. This not only makes consumers unable to understand, but also easily deceived. While stopping at a small shop, a young girl in her 20s came in. She asked the shopkeeper to recommend her a bottle of imported perfume. The shopkeeper took out a bottle of pink purple cone-shaped perfume and told her that it was an international well-known brand, priced at 328 yuan. The girl cut the price to 200 yuan and couldn't cut it down, so she paid for her things and left. But what surprised me was that as soon as the girl left her front foot, a middle-aged woman of about 40 came in at her back foot. She also took a fancy to the same style of light green perfume. The boss offered only 80 yuan this time. The middle-aged woman cut the price to 35 yuan a bottle, bought two bottles and left

then pick up the two bottles of perfume and carefully select them. From the words on the package, it is English, and these words indicate the same use methods and precautions. Based on years of experience in distinguishing the taste of perfume, the two bottles of perfume are of the same grade. In other words, the price difference between two bottles of perfume should not be so big. In addition, the words madeinchina (made in China) were found at the bottom of the automobile perfume packaging box. Ask the boss about the price, and the boss said casually: 328 yuan. When he said that he had heard the offer of the middle-aged woman just now, the boss was a little embarrassed. In the subsequent conversation, the boss revealed to him that when they are doing business, they will look at people, such as perfume. Young people have higher requirements for it, and they will ask a high price; And if you meet the middle-aged people who don't have any taste in clothes, they will directly reduce the price. Anyway, it's a matter of earning more and earning less. The shopkeeper said

moreover, according to him, in the automotive products market, foreign brands are easier to sell than domestic brands. Many guests pick up automotive products printed in foreign languages and ask the price without thinking about it. As for things full of Chinese on the screen, few people pay attention to them


most of the foreign products are made in China

in addition to perfume, I saw several solid car waxes in an automobile decoration store, and the outer packaging was all in Japanese. The clerk told me that this is imported wax, and the effect is very good. When asked that he couldn't understand the above words and didn't know how to use them, the clerk said: like ordinary car wax, it's just to paint the car. As for the precautions, the clerk said: not only has the advantage of raw materials, it is not clear

in the random interview and investigation, there are not only similar problems in the packaging of automobile perfume and automobile wax decorations, but also some automobile modified parts, automobile electronic products, solar film, etc. are mixed with Chinese, Japanese or English on the packaging. Some automobile decorative products can not even see any Chinese logo on the packaging, and it is more difficult to find the production date and expiry date. Although the shop assistants have repeatedly advocated that these 7. It is not allowed to dismantle and reverse the metallographic microscope at will are imported products, the relevant departments have investigated some auto parts cities and found that 96% of the auto supplies are produced in workshops, and there are great differences in the quality and publicity of many products. Counterfeit imported auto supplies account for a large proportion, especially the problems of auto polishing wax, auto perfume, floor glue and so on

in the survey, it is found that Beijing consumers generally believe that there is quality fraud in the automotive products market, and it is difficult to distinguish the true and false products. For example, the surface of car seat covers looks similar, but the quality is uneven; It is difficult for ordinary consumers to see the mystery. The problem came out after a period of time. At that time, it was said that it was sand release. In fact, it was pure chemical fiber, and the static electricity was very strong. There are also automobile tires, which are said to be imported. In fact, they are some fake and shoddy products. After driving for a period of time, the tires have cracks, bulges and sudden tire burst

according to insiders, the prices of automobile decoration products of different grades and quality vary greatly, and some products even have serious quality problems such as non-compliance of environmental protection index. Because most car owners have their first contact with these products and do not understand the details, it is difficult to grasp the quality and price, so they are often deceived

the industry broke the news

the profit of wearing a foreign coat increased greatly

once the cheap domestic automobile decoration products are put on a foreign dress, their value will double. Ms. Duan, who works in the automobile beauty decoration industry, revealed to the public: taking domestic perfume as an example, the purchase price of low-grade perfume is only 3-5 yuan. If you change the Chinese packaging, you can sell it for 50 yuan at most. But if you wear a dress, you can sell it for hundreds of Yuan immediately; If you are lucky, you can sell at a higher price

dunninger wrote in his book trade unions and strikes: once there is an appropriate profit, capital will be very brave. As long as there is a 10% profit, it will be used everywhere; 20% will be lively; 50% will lead to positive adventure; 100% will make people disregard all laws; 300% will make people not afraid of crime or even the risk of hanging. With the huge interest driven after wearing dresses, it is not difficult to understand why car beauty and decoration products like to wear dresses

an industry insider who did not want to be named said that some people like to look at the packaging when shopping. As long as they wear the banner of import, they can sell at a good price. Moreover, some people like to compare. If you buy a domestic brand, people will think you are very poor; But if you buy an international brand, you will be superior. It doesn't matter whether this international brand exists or not. Anyway, he may not have heard of it. It is obvious that some auto supplies manufacturers have focused on consumers' worship of foreign countries. This practice is actually a hidden rule of the automobile beauty decoration industry

consumption warning

how to distinguish genuine and fake foreign goods

it is reported that the automotive supplies industry association has begun to adopt a unified authentic logo on automotive perfume, nursing, xenon headlights and other supplies. Consumers can judge whether there is a high-value utilization mark on the goods. In addition, consumers can also check whether the dealer has the authorization certificate of a certain commodity, and formal imported commodities should also have relevant customs import procedures. For example, imported solar films should have the manufacturer's certification certificate and customs procedures, and have a shelf life, which is relatively standardized

automotive perfume

first of all, from the appearance of automotive perfume, the appearance of regular perfume is exquisite, while the appearance of inferior perfume is relatively rough; The top quality perfume bottle mouth rotates smoothly, while the inferior perfume bottle feels astringent. Secondly, from the perspective of the outer packaging of automobile perfume, the outer packaging of fake and inferior perfume often has no Chinese description, business name, business address and contact information, use method, precautions, etc., and most of the emergency disposal has no Chinese description, mostly in Japanese and Korean. Thirdly, from the sense of taste of car perfume, fragrance is also one of the standards to distinguish the authenticity. Generally, inferior compound products volatilize quickly and have pungent fragrance; The pure and high-quality perfume can bring people a fresh and pleasant feeling. In addition, inferior perfume is easy to leak under the sun, and the color will gradually turn white; But the pure perfume will not appear this kind of phenomenon. Finally, what can not be ignored is that regular products have regular product description, production license number and certification mark of quality supervision department on the package

brake fluid

for brake fluid, products with boiling points of 130 ℃ and 190 ℃ must be unqualified; All products that indicate that the equilibrium reflux boiling point is lower than 205 ℃ are unqualified products and should not be considered for purchase at all. The logo shall indicate the trademark and specification of the product, and the name, address and contact of the manufacturer. Imported products without Chinese characters on the logo should be used with caution. Observe the appearance of products whose marks meet the requirements. According to the national standard, the appearance of brake fluid products shall be clear and transparent without suspended solids, dust and precipitated substances. Those that do not meet the requirements are unqualified products

engine oil

how to distinguish inferior engine oil? Experts believe that first, it depends on the packaging appearance. The famous brand oil seal cover is a disposable cover. There is sealing tin paper at the gap. There are special marks of the manufacturer on the tin paper. Without these characteristics, it may be fake oil. In addition, in order to prevent counterfeiting, the famous brand oil has special marks in inconspicuous places such as label sticker, tank bottom, inner side of tank cover and handle. If the illegal elements customize the packaging to be fake, they can be distinguished by comparing the true and false outer packaging. Second, observe the oil products. The true oil color is light and transparent, without impurities, suspended solids and sediments. It has good fluidity when shaking


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