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On January 6, 2018, at the awards ceremony of the 18th real estate world owners' Oscar conference, Hesheng Yaju stood out among many well-known brands and won the "2017 Internet popular home brand" award at one fell swoop

on January 6, 2018, the award ceremony of the 18th real estate world owners' Oscar conference was grandly held in Jiangnan Grand Theater. More than 2000 people from owners of major communities in Guangzhou, netizens of decoration forums, home furnishing industry leaders and popular media gathered at the event to explore the future of the industry. After in-depth research and review by the jury, Hesheng Yaju stood out among many well-known brands and won the "2017 popular online home brand" award at one fell swoop

over the past 12 years, Hesheng Yaju has always adhered to ingenuity and put quality and service first. Perfect quality and safety control system and German Haomai equipment enable Hesheng Yaju to strictly control every production link from the source and create more high-quality products. In the era of consumption upgrading, Hesheng Yaju has established a perfect after-sales service system in major, small and medium-sized cities, and nearly 600 sales outlets across the country, which continue to make consumers feel the humanized experience and service before, during and after sales in terms of design, products, installation, etc

real estate world is the largest real estate big data trading platform of Chinese in the world, representing the real voice of tens of millions of home buyers. The recognition of home buyers is a strong guarantee of quality. As the most authoritative vertical media of real estate, 140million house purchase information per day is generated in real estate world, and the annual list of real estate online popularity is the focus of netizens

Hesheng Yaju knows that the power of brand permeates every aspect of life, and the formation of word-of-mouth requires more time accumulation and precipitation, and is inseparable from the word-of-mouth of consumers. Hesheng Yaju constantly innovated the online marketing mode, signed the popular actress Tong Liya as the new image spokesperson, and played the role of Tong Liya in Langya list 2, which strengthened the first impression of Hesheng Yaju by users and formed good brand communication and interaction

secondly, in terms of new products, best-selling products, event promotions, enterprise information, etc., Hesheng Yaju carries out multi-channel promotion through wechat, Weibo and other we media, as well as Sina, Netease, SouFun and other mass media, so that consumers can more comprehensively understand, understand and choose Hesheng Yaju from multiple perspectives, narrow the distance between the two, and win a good popularity reputation while maintaining its core competitiveness

2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year for the national real estate market. The theme of "housing without speculation" is singing all over the country. The pattern of the real estate market continues to change, and the home furnishing industry closely related to real estate is also deeply affected. Hesheng Yaju is still brilliant, has been unanimously recognized by consumers, dealers and the industry, and has received good news, and has been rated as "vice president unit of Guangdong green supply chain association" and "executive director unit of the all China Federation of industry and commerce" "Top ten Chinese wardrobe brands", "top ten customized furniture brands in 2017" and other honors have won the reputation of thousands of families and boosted the development of the industry

in 2018, Hesheng Yaju will continue to base itself on products and services, innovate and make breakthroughs, create more high-quality health products with ingenuity, provide consumers with a one-stop home overall solution design, and create a high-end, fashionable and beautiful customized life




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