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When talking about the experience of choosing brands, Shi always said, "when choosing brands, it will be much easier to join a brand with a mature terminal assistance system.

" my biggest feeling when joining ouzhe doors and windows is to make money easily. " This is the biggest feeling when he successfully joined ouzhe doors and windows in 2016. When it comes to the experience of choosing brands, Shi always said, "when choosing brands, it will be much easier to join a brand with a mature terminal assistance system. Ouzhe is such a brand. When the store was first operated, ouzhe's professional team helped a lot of work and trained professional skills for my team, which made me spend a lot less time." From president Shi's simple words, it can be clearly felt that ouzhe doors and windows play an important role in boosting the high performance of president Shi's stores

brand charm

there are more than 10000 domestic door and window brands, and the industry competition is fierce. Why does Shi always fall in love with ouzhe doors and windows? Shi, from Jinan, Shandong Province, always replied in this way, "Because ouzhe's product positioning is high-end, its main safety and energy-saving system doors and windows, product performance and appearance design not only meet the needs of current consumers, but also lead the development trend of the industry, and greatly improve the market competitiveness of stores. I decided to join ouzhe at the beginning, mainly because I saw four factors. The first is that ouzhe's enterprise has a good cultural atmosphere, and the company's team is young and energetic; the second is that the quality of products is good and guaranteed ; Third, ouzhe's market positioning is accurate and its development prospects are bright; Fourth, the overall design style of ouzhe products is simple and magnificent, with international norms. These have given me a lot of confidence. I will continue to follow the development of ouzhe and strive to make my performance better and reach a new high. "

in Foshan, Guangdong Province, known as the "capital of manufacturing", ouzhe has a R & D and manufacturing base of nearly 100000 square meters, with an annual investment of nearly one million in scientific research and over 10million in brand communication. Ouzhe, as the most dazzling new star in the door and window industry, has won many awards issued by domestic authorities for consecutive years, and has successfully entered the ranks of the top ten door and window brands. The rapid market expansion has attracted widespread attention inside and outside the industry. The excellent enterprise strength, young team operation, professional technical support, accurate market positioning, these key elements have successfully built ouzhe into a high-end brand far ahead of the door and window industry

it is reported that ouzhe brand, together with the internationally renowned architectural designer ander team, has conducted a long-term in-depth study on the functional requirements of doors and windows and space aesthetics of modern residential buildings. Whether it is color, shape, structure, or high-performance performance of thermal insulation, sound insulation, water tightness, wind pressure resistance, it has achieved a high degree of unity with the climate environment in which the building is located and the consumer taste of users, creating a new benchmark in the industry

franchise advantages

win the future, ouzhe has been on the road, shaping the industry brand with quality and leading the technological upgrading with innovation. In terms of production technology, ouzhe doors and windows has introduced European automation supporting equipment, expanded dozens of production lines, and implemented scientific and standardized programmed production management and all-round Lean quality control to ensure that each process meets the highest standards and that each product can be produced efficiently. Ouzhe doors and windows attaches great importance to the safety performance of doors and windows, especially at present, more and more consumers pay attention to the safety performance of doors and windows. According to Zhang Zhiyong, deputy director of marketing of ouzhe doors and windows, "ouzhe's products have performance labels, which tell consumers the performance of ouzhe products with intuitive test results. In terms of appearance design, it adheres to the aesthetic philosophy of" less is more ", which is simple and atmospheric, and versatile. Therefore, I believe that door and window products with excellent performance and appearance design are safe products and can be widely favored by consumers." In order to ensure the safety of products, ouzhe doors and windows has carried out in-depth cooperation with German lattice house, and the hardware accessories used in the products are all from German lattice house

in terms of supporting dealers, ouzhe doors and windows also launched five-star service, 400 customer service hotline 7*24-hour seamless service support, two-year replacement of product accessories, five-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. The professional marketing team customized the innovative terminal operation and management mode for the distributor, and implemented it throughout the year

brands in the door and window market are mixed, and dealers need to spend a lot of time and energy to choose a good brand. Therefore, if you want to make money easily, you may consider choosing ouzhe doors and windows, which has strong strength, high-end brand, high-quality products, core business, and high profits

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