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Nowadays, with the high housing prices, the small family with two bedrooms and one living room is deeply loved by everyone. However, if you buy your favorite house, you will face a lot of decoration costs. So, how much is the decoration budget for small apartments with two bedrooms and one living room? Next, let's take the 60 square meter two bedroom and one living room as an example to introduce in detail the expenses required for the decoration of a small two bedroom and one living room apartment. Let's have a look

[decoration style] simple style

[area] 60 square meters

[decoration cost] all inclusive 70000

list of decoration costs for small apartments with two bedrooms and one living room

cabinet (7-piece kitchen shovel) 3336 yuan

kitchen faucet sink set (cutting board, stainless steel basket) 1199 yuan

toilet 899 yuan

bowl 449 yuan

executive washbasin faucet 98 yuan

mop pool 119 yuan

all wall and floor tiles 3006.1 yuan

two locks 180 yuan

all cupboard door handles 152 yuan

telephone/computer socket 78 yuan

bathroom hardware (single pole, bath towel rack with 3 hooks, toilet brush, double cups, tissue hook, cosmetic mirror, toilet towel holder with 3 hooks)thickened stainless steel straw cartons (7 pieces in total) 455 yuan

bathroom oak mirror 350 yuan

all lamps (2 imported ceiling lamps in kitchen and bathroom, 2 poor ceiling lamps in balcony, aisle lamp, mirror front lamp, room living room and dining room lamp) 2100 yuan

51.5 one meter lamp belt (100) and 13 yuan one meter lamp belt + accessories. A total of 162 yuan

ceramic bowls and basins 324 yuan

stainless steel downpipes +5 all copper triangle valves +4 internal and external straight wires 4 points through, a total of 165 yuan

two bedroom and one living room small apartment decoration budget list

circuit transformation: calculated by 70 meters, 30/square meters with work and materials

waterway Transformation: calculated by 20 meters, 30/square meters with work and materials

kitchen bathroom wall and floor tiles 40 yuan/square meters, 20/M2 artificial

kitchen bathroom ceiling 55 yuan/m2 (aluminum gusset plate and plastic steel are acceptable)

putty coating is 25 yuan/m2

overall cabinet 600 yuan/m2

bathroom: Toilet 400 yuan, mirror 100 yuan, column basin 200 yuan, towel rack, toilet box, tray, flower sprinkler, floor drain 300 yuan for rising pole, etc.

about 500 yuan for marble windowsill and doorstone,

about 1000 yuan for carpentry such as ceiling,

300 yuan for shower, bath bar,

80 yuan for composite floor/square meter,

500 yuan for paint free door/set, 1000 yuan for dumb window cover, 200 yuan for cold and hot faucets, 50 yuan for ordinary faucets,

250 yuan for door lock, door stopper and hinge,

about 1000 yuan for lamps,

switch panel 500 yuan

the balcony is pasted with exterior wall tiles and floor tile materials, which is 30 yuan/square meter, Labor cost 25 yuan

curtain cover is about 500 yuan

the usual quotation standard of decoration companies

let's take a look at the usual quotation estimation standard of decoration companies with high cost performance, but it is only a budget method of general decoration. All prices have a lot to do with market fluctuations, and prices will vary in different regions. Moreover, if you find a decoration company with first-class qualification, Then the price will be higher than this

1. The treatment of wall base course is 3 yuan per square meter. Generally, it will be in the wall coating or in the repair of wall substrate. The general marking method is: Wall leveling and repair, which is calculated based on the actual amount. However, for those who have done electronic slotting or internal wall insulation, the overall construction should be carried out

2. Plant paint for wall coating is 27 yuan per square meter. Tip: the wall size is generally based on the ground area multiplied by 3.5 for the wall area

3. Floor tiles are about 85 yuan per square meter, {including baseboard, 800*800 Puning Seiko vitrified tiles. If you want to choose some well-known brands, it may be more expensive. The auxiliary materials are 325.5 ordinary cement, white cement, medium sand, 108 glue} because there will be brick cutting, damage, etc., the floor tile area should be increased by 3% - 8%

4. The wooden floor uses reinforced composite, which is about 79 yuan per square meter. If you want to level with the ground, you can use self leveling cement or Dibao, which is about 10 yuan per square meter, and the total price is 89 yuan per square meter. Add 8% - 10% to the reported loss of the floor (the actual ground area plus the reported loss)

5. The wall and floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom are about 75 yuan per square meter. The walls are inlaid with various ceramic tiles with ordinary technology. 11kg ordinary cement, 33kg medium sand and 2kg lime paste are required per square meter. It requires 13kg of ordinary cement, 27kg of medium sand and 3kg of lime paste to inlay various porcelain chips on the column surface with ordinary technology

6. Each set of toilet equipment is about 2500 yuan (toilet, wash basin, faucet, bathing kit, mirror, paper box, soap box, towel bar, tray, floor drain, Yuba)

7. Kitchen cabinets cost about 900 yuan per linear meter (extended meter) (crystal board, acrylic, baking varnish, faucet, pool, etc.)

9 Balcony wall and floor tiles are 60 yuan per square meter

10. It is recommended to use composite solid wood for suit door, which is about 950 yuan per set. It is recommended not to use density board door with veneer door, which is not very strong

11. It is recommended to use micro molecular structure for toilet door, which can play a good role in water resistance. Each set is about 850 yuan

12. Toilet waterproof 19 yuan per square meter

13.70 square meters of power transformation is about 3500 yuan,

14 Lamps are about 3000 yuan. Generally, small and medium-sized companies do not charge installation fees, because this part of the money is already in the power transformation

15. Garbage removal and transportation is 200 yuan

16. The cleaning fee is 200 yuan

17. The management fee is 1200 yuan. That is, supervision fee

18. Environmental treatment costs 600 yuan, and the whole family is healthy

through the above detailed data, do you have a general understanding of the decoration cost of small apartments with two bedrooms and one living room? When choosing a decoration company, you must shop around and get the most reasonable price. The above information about how much it costs to decorate a small apartment with two bedrooms and one living room is simply shared here. I hope it will help you! Please look forward to more information





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