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The glass industry conference boosted the fluctuation of glass futures up

important news

a lot of acid and poor foam performance (according to the obvious confidence probability p=99%), indicating that the domestic economy is "cold in the late spring", but the housing sales data is optimistic; The two sessions are approaching, and the domestic market is mainly stable; European countries actively respond to the downgrade of rating agencies

the initial value of HSBC China manufacturing PMI in February was 50.4, the expected value was 52.2, and the previous value was 52.3. The lowest level in 4 months. According to the data of China Index Institute, the trading volume of 42 cities generally rose sharply last week

the two sessions will open next Sunday (March 3)

glass index analysis

on the 25th, the "China glass composite index" rose by 3 points compared with the previous day, "China glass price index" rose by 3.68 points, and the "China glass market confidence index" rose by 0.27 points. The spot market performed well, the indexes still accelerated, and the confidence index lagged behind

glass spot situation

the biggest bright spot in the recent market - Shahe enterprises began to raise prices! On the 24th, the price of glass was adjusted by 10 yuan, and it is expected to rise by 10 yuan again around the 26th. On the whole, the domestic glass market is stable and positive. After the Spring Festival, the market in South China strengthened rapidly, followed by East China. The prices in North China are eager to try. The northwest region is still in the winter inventory period, and the inventory pressure remains the same. Industry conferences have been held one after another, with strong expectations of price support. With the fall of futures prices, the spot prices are strong, and the difference between futures and spot prices is gradually narrowing

there is no fundamental change in the pattern that the glass market is stable and strong in the South and weak in the north. All the standards raised by northern enterprises will be revised. The price expectation is strong and some regions implement price increases, but the short-term high inventory is still the biggest problem. Whether the spot enterprises will take turns to promote the price rise will be determined at the industry meetings in various regions. Although the enterprises' expectations for price support are strong, the glass industry is not an oligarch industry, and the price rise still needs a substantial change in demand. It is worth noting that the two sessions will set the long-term policies for real estate regulation, and the uncertainty of the glass market is increasing

glass demand

in the short term, the negative effects of industrial regulation policies are gradually digested by the disk. The resumption of downstream enterprises after the festival has brought short-term demand for glass, and the industry is also waiting for urbanization to give a substantial long-term demand. After the Lantern Festival, migrant workers will return to the city, and construction will begin gradually. In addition, with the implementation of urbanization, the demand for glass will be effectively warmed up, and the price of glass will rise

glass futures

on the 25th, the contract of glass futures in September continued to adjust. After a quick dip in the morning, it rose rapidly. After that, it was mainly volatile and closed at 1558 yuan/ton, up 4 yuan/ton, or 0.26%. The trading volume was flat compared with the previous trading day, with 20640 positions increased. Glass futures are bearish in the short term due to the impact of systemic risks, but supported by the expected price rise of the industry conference, it is still dominated by consolidation in the short term, and the strong support level near 1530 is gradually obvious


on the 25th, the market trend of domestic float glass raw sheets was good, and the prices of producers in some regions increased, among which the prices in Shahe region rose for a long time after the digestion of inventory. Downstream demand is still in a state of expectation stronger than substance, and its pulling effect on prices is not obvious in the short term. Glass futures rebounded to a high level after a quick dip in the morning, and continued to adjust. 9 doctors would recommend that the monthly contract for removing the diseased intervertebral disc be increased by 4 yuan/ton and 20640 positions. The disk adjustment gradually digested the negative impact of recent macro policies, and the glass futures continued to adjust. The expected price hike at the industry conference gradually supported the glass futures. With the rising quotation of enterprises in North China, it is expected that the glass futures will rise against the strong support level before the two sessions. The investor Baidu "Zhao Fei of Wanda futures" or Jiaqun obtained contact information to exchange and consult with glass futures investment opportunities

26 day operation suggestions

intra day traders' sharp rise and fall reverse operation, strict stop loss, position 20%; The maintenance of the value of the production enterprise is suspended; Other types of investors do multi price spread arbitrage or gradually establish medium-term multi orders at the effective support level

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